Do not pretend and please find way to avoid any problem influential to work with our instructions to avoid office politics.

 ‘Do not try to gang up’, advised Edwin Trevor-Roberts, CEO of Trevor-Roberts Associatesjob management co. – “but do not prove to be indifferent. Most people just want to be listened. Use thoughtful questions such as ‘What you said sounds so disappointed.’ This shows you are listening, but stop before getting involved in. Kathryn McEwen – organizational psychologist – suggests you give advice, but do not be self-satisfied: ‘You can emphasize that the important thing to them is getting on well with one another, or suggest both go to a cafeteria to directly talk to one another.”

Others are praised thanks to your work

‘Your responsibility is make sure that you are outstanding among important people,’ judged Kate Boorer, Employerbility’s HR recruitment specialist. ‘Express your ideas at the meetings, hold email discussion, and make the manager know your work.’ She added more that you could become the objective if your colleagues thought they were able to manage it. But the way to face that behavior might put an end to that, according to McEwen: ‘For example, ‘I saw you were uncomfortable with the idea as if you had found out something. I want to know more’.

Rumors in office

According to Boorer, rumor is a sport of two people. ‘For it to have an impetus, you need someone to play with’. Make rumor out off its way by asking a question. People like to talk about themselves, especially their successes. Ask about the projects they are executing. Or by chance show your colleagues that you love to sit for chatting, but are hurried and has no time then’. Boore said: ‘Once they recognize you have no comments, opinions or ideas, the game become boring.’

Your boss sounds to be unfair

‘Do not give the supposition about the reason you are not praised or promoted. In stead of that, the more you look for feedbacks, the better,’ said Trevor-Roberts. ‘Have a sincere talk with your boss, express your disappointment of being skipped, but insist your desire to extremely learn. And be concrete when mention feedbacks. Ask what you need to develop, learn, or do differently to be ready in future.’

Coleagues at the same desk talk loudly on the phone

Be modest and ask them to reduce volume. ‘When giving any feedback type, you need to specify problem and must not be personal,’ explained McEwen. ‘For example, ‘you may not recognize, but when you talk loudly on the phone, you are a bit loud, and this is neglectful. Please talk a bit lowlier so that I can work.’ The problem here is the voice – which is petitionary rather than commanding. End the problem normally. But do not say to others in the office. It is your problem and you have already solved it.

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