The warm and hot weather in summer is a convenient condition for funguses to grow up and spread to vagina, which increases the risk of gynecological diseases.

Description: Clean your private part in right way.

Clean your private part in right way.

Get inflamed by mini skirt and shorts

In summer, it’s very hot; short skirt and tight shorts are the ideal choice of women because they are youthful, active, and fashionable. But these clothes are cause for vaginitis in accident that most women don’t know. Why mini skirt and shorts increase the risk of vaginitis?

To explain for this problem, experts say that the sweat is discharged a lot in summer, so vagina always is wet. This is the perfect environment for bacterium to enter, operate, and develop.

Besides, some skirts are too short, even over thigh, which makes women feel not safe, so they must sit in uncomfortable positions, especially in public places. That increases the developing chance of bacterium.

Furthermore, shorts also stimulate easily skin areas while moving. When you are walking, the shorts contact continuously with the skin around vulva and that is easy to cause itching. At that time, if you scratch by hand, your skin will be grazed and the inflammation is worse. Even you can be affected with infectious vagina or urinary tract.

How to clean your vagina correctly

The same as body hygiene (having a bath or washing hair), the vagina must be taken care of frequently because of high risk of infection, especially in the periods of much vagina discharge, menstruation, pregnancy, and postpartum.

Some women just use water for hygiene the vagina, but in fact to prevent against impurities and bacterium to enter, you need to use feminine hygiene products.

Description: Clean vagina correctly to protect your health.

Clean vagina correctly to protect your health.

Some women use strong antiseptics such as antibiotics, heavy metal ions, and so on which break physiological balance in vaginal environment; or use feminine hygiene products that are effective on keeping moisture making the vagina be always wet; therefore, that gives condition for harmful bacterium to develop and infect.

According to one Professor, “Women should hygiene the vagina correctly every day to decrease the ability of gynecological inflammation, as well as prevent from re-infected diseases”.

Therefore, you should:

o   Take care of your vagina every day by recommended feminine hygiene products.

o   Keep the genitals airy, not douche vagina by towel or stranger. Avoid wearing tight pants and replace underwear regularly.

o   Clean before and after sex (for both men and women).

o   Not use soap or strong antiseptics for cleaning your private part.

o   Not douche vagina by yourself without directions of doctor.

o   Not use feminine hygiene products including moisture ingredient such as essential milk, lactoserum, etc. These substances make vagina area always be wet, and they contain protein which is convenient for bacterium and funguses developing into diseases.

o   Choose feminine hygiene products containing natural ingredients and safe for using daily, and ensure requirements: creating airy vagina, reducing itching, preventing from gynecological inflammation, deodorizing, and caring for skin area around vagina in order to help women feel comfortable and confident.

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