Who needs a fountain of youth when you have a furry friend at home

Forget the skin creams and cleansing regimes – the secret to staying young might just be someone who’s more likely to roll in wheat grass than drink it. Yes, owning a pet could be the ultimate anti-ageing treatment.

Description: How Your Pet Is Keeping You Young!

How Your Pet Is Keeping You Young!

Here’s what your furry friend can do for you…

Lower your blood pressure

The combination of work stress, a lack of exercise and poor diet can send your blood pressure to dangerously high levels.

Spending time with dogs or cats provides not just a distraction from modern day pressures, but also some degree of perspective on what’s really important in life.

Boost your immunity

Our immune system is our main defence against viruses and bacterial infections. With age, it becomes weakened, meaning sickness is not just more likely but also more severe.

How can pets help? Here’s a surprise. Rather than all that germ-carrying slobber causing sickness in people, it does the opposite. You see, very few animal bugs can infect us. Instead, having them around actually stimulates your immune system, making it a finely tuned fighting machine ready to fend off any “human” bugs when they come your way.

Ward off loneliness

Without the responsibilities of work and children, it’s easy to be social. But as we add to our responsibilities in life, it’s easy to lose touch with our friends. Pets reduce the feeling of isolation when you’re home alone and, importantly, give you a reason to get out and interact with your two-legged friends.

Keep you fit

When you’re a teenager you have endless energy. But as we age, that drive for exercise seems to go the other way.

Skipping exercise isn’t an option with pets. They need it, and you’re the one to provide it! And this enforced fitness program means you can’t help but adopt their energetic way of life. it’s almost like they’re your own slightly hairy personal trainer.

Sweet like chocolate

A funny thing happens in our bodies when we pat our pets. After just 30 seconds of cuddling, there’s a surge of two chemicals – oxytocin and prolactin – straight from the “feel-good” factory in our bodies, which gives us a “buzz”. This is exactly the same chemical reaction our bodies experience when we’re in love, or we indulge in a piece of chocolate.

Description: Sweet like chocolate

Sweet like chocolate

Furry medicine

Need more proof that pets really are the best prescription? Check out these recent study results…

·         Dog owners recovering from heart attacks were found to be more than four times more likely to make it through the next year than non-dog owners.

·         Kids brought up around pets were less likely to suffer from asthma.

·         Levels of depression in pet owners were lower than in the rest of the population.

·         Women who own dogs were found to sleep more soundly, take fewer sick days and generally feel better than non-dog owners.

·         Aussie families with pets had 30 per cent fewer bouts of gastro, vomiting and diarrhea – a surprise to those who think pets make you sick!

·         When a group of New York stockbrokers were given a dog to look after, it lowered their blood pressure more effectively than medications.

5 foods dogs shouldn’t eat


This fruit contains something called persin, which is harmless to humans but potentially toxic to dogs.

Onions and garlic

These destroy a dog’s red blood cells, causing anaemia


The reason why is unknown, but grapes can cause kidney failure in dogs

Macadamia nuts

A definite no-no. Consuming this nut can be fatal, and is doubly dangerous if chocolate is involved

Raw eggs

Salmonella or E. coli can lurk, plus raw eggs can interfere with your dog’s absorption of B vitamins.

Feeding our shelter animals

The RSPCA cares for more than 150,000 lost, surrendered or abused animals every year – that’s a lot of mouths to feed, especially when the charity relies on the community for 97 per cent of its funding.

Description: Feeding our shelter animals

Feeding our shelter animals

Putting food in the bowls of RSPCA cats and dogs is made easier thanks to Hill’s Pet Nutrition, which supplies the animals with free food as part of its Shelter Nutrition Partnership. Hill’s Science Diet provides precisely balanced nutrition, so it’s nothing but the best for these animals.

This year, Hill’s has also launched Food Shelter & Love, a campaign to raise awareness of pet adoption, in the hope of finding homes for 50,000 animals. So if you’re looking to add a furry family member, visit rspca.org.au

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