Must-do mantras to make 2012 your most satisfying year yet

I will... Ditch my body hang-ups

'Women who have the best sex don't care what they look like,' says Dr Laura Berman, author of Loving Sex (DK, $27). If your body image Is cramping your sex style, here's what to do:

Sign Up For A Challenge Take up dancing, join a theatre group - anything that helps you express yourself boosts yourself confidence.' says Dr Berman,

Sweat Yourself Sexy Exercise primes your body for sexual arousal, says a US study. So take advantage of New Year gym offers - and schedule sexy time 15 to 30 minutes after your workout, when you're at your peak.

Description: Sexover your new year

I will... Learn the language of love

Talking frankly to your partner is vital for a good sex life, but many of us find it difficult,' says sex psychologist Dr Petra Boynton, Here's what to try:

Time It Right Don't broach sex issues out of the blue,' says Dr Berman. 'Instead, talk about things over a drink or a walk, so you both have the time and space to get your thoughts across.'

Show, Don't Tell Lead him to the bedroom and show him the way you'd like sex to be, 'If you want more foreplay, murmur where he should stroke, lick or suck your body so he knows what you want,’ says Dr Berman.

Did you know…
Duvet diving boost immunity, burns fat, stabilizes hormones, and can even make you look younger. Woo hoo!

I will… Reject the rut

Move on from missionary. 'New positions, techniques and sensations enhance intimacy,' says Or Berman, Try these:

Reinvent Yourself People have the best sex after fancy dress parties,' says Tracey Cox, author of The Sex Doctor (Corgi, $12.75). ‘You take on a different persona dressed up.' Her tip? Wear a mask. If your face is hidden, you're more likely to be risqué.'

Get Yourself A Toy 'Research shows people who use sex toys are happier with their love lives,' says Dr Berman. Test the water with a Durex Play intimate massager, from £16 (they're available at supermarkets, so slip one discreetly into your weekly shop).

I will… Embrace the quickie

Research in the Journal Sexual Medicine shows It takes men just 665 seconds to reach peak arousal when shown sexually explicit images, with women 78 seconds behind, so, you do have time!

Tease To Please 'Stop thinking of sex as a build up to an orgasm for one or both of you,' says Tracey. 'Sometimes a few seconds of teasing can be more exciting than intercourse.'

Race The Clock Regularly instigate sex when you're pushed for time, so you make the quickie a fun habit. 'You're better off having sex for five or ten minutes a couple of times a fortnight than a marathon sex session once a month,' says Tracey.

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