Moms should choose clothes that are made from natural fabrics for newborns.

The skin of babies is still young and pretty sensitive, so you should choose clothes that neither cause bad effects on their skin nor health. We’re pleased to share you some tips below.

1.     Tips of buying clothes for newborns

Take care of the material. This is the first thing the mothers should take care of when choosing clothes for their children. You should choose clothes that are made from natural fabrics as they are soft and have good absorption; babies will feel comfortable wearing those clothes.

Your babies need comfortable and safe clothes.

Your babies need comfortable and safe clothes.

While clothes that are made from artificial cloths are pretty attractive and plentiful, the rough material tends to cause scratches to baby’s skin. Moreover, the less absorption make babies feel hot, wet and if we don’t change the clothes in time, they can lead to a cold.

You should choose undertone clothes. Some mothers like eye-catching colors so they buy their babies stunning clothes. Those clothes do make babies pretty but they might not safe to wear. The cloth that is used to make those clothes often contains dying chemicals that can cause irritation or skin-diseases to babies. Therefore, when choosing clothes for the newborn, moms should put undertone clothes in priority and avoid colorful ones.

You should choose loose clothes for babies.

You should choose loose clothes for babies.

The clothes should be loose. Newborns are interested in wiggling; they show no shadow of tiredness when moving their arms and legs. Therefore, tight clothes are really messing them up. Moms should choose clothes that are a little bit loose so that children can be free in moving which is very good for their health. Besides, choosing those kinds of clothes helps moms save the costs of buying clothes for children.

Take notice of the seam of the clothes. Moms should carefully notice the seam of clothes, hats and especially, socks. The seam need to be sharp, shouldn’t be backed off or excessive. It’s very dangerous when the tiny fingers, toes of babies accidentally stuck in the excess thread in the clothes. Moms should buy clothes that have trustful labels so that babies will be comfortable and safe wearing those clothes.

2.     Safe clothe uses

A part from choosing the right clothes, moms should know the most safe ways to clean and preserve them.

Read the information on the trademark. There’s not many people remember to do it though it is necessary. Moms should read the information printed on the trademark to know the cloth kind of the clothes and have suitable cleaning. Taking care of the clothes can preserve the life expectancy and increase the strength of them.      

Cleaning and preserving are not only able to make the clothes tougher, but also good for baby health.

Cleaning and preserving are not only able to make the clothes tougher, but also good for baby health.

Clean the clothes of babies alone. Baby clothes are often soft, so moms should clean it by hand; in the case you use washing machine, you should set up the suitable mode. Using dedicated laundry soaps that have natural detergent compositions, light smell and are safe to babies.

Moms should choose detergent liquid as it easily dissolves. On the contrary, normal detergents often clump, hardly dissolve and are able to cause allergy to baby skin.   

Sun the clothes rightly. You shouldn’t sun baby clothes for too long under the scorching sun of the afternoon since it can cause discoloration, make the cloth tougher, directly affect the clothes’ quality, the cloth life expectancy and baby skin.

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