If you are unlucky to meet a sassy daughter-in-law, it might be hard to see a solution for everything. Communication might break while you do not want to lose your son and your grandchildren. Calm down, set the relationship step to step.

Description: Dealing with a sassy daughter-in-law

Dealing with a sassy daughter-in-law


Show sympathy, patience and knowledge. As an advisor said, you could never change other people, the way they act, behavior, but you always can control your experience, act and behavior.

Every mother used to be a daughter-in-law, so you really need to consider every problem which you used to have with your mother-in-law. And you also need to know the circumstances might cause your daughter-in-law’s certain behavior, no matter how her personality is.

Give her some time, patience, and knowledge, are really necessary when relationship falls apart.

Listen and think

Learn how to listen and think while your daughter-in-law is being sassy. As a psychologist said, listen and think is a good skill to build a close relationship between two people and also support communication. If your daughter-in-law begins to complain, and behave aggressive, calmly represent her basic idea of what she just said.

For example, if she said “I will raise my kids the way which I feel suitable”, you can respond, “so, you want to be free to make decision as a mother?” This process can help avoid meaningless argument and help her to know you understand.

Description: Stay calm. Listen and think while she is being sassy

Stay calm. Listen and think while she is being sassy


Set strong and clear limit. When one person’s behavior is unacceptable, or even worse, abusive, you have to set a limit to protect yourself. This is necessary for any hope about a healthy relationship, and if your daughter-in-law does not respect your limit, stay calm, listen and think, and be assertive. Make a list of her behaviors which cross your limit, such as, yelling, abusing, lies, talking behind your back. If you make it clear at first about her negative behaviors which you can forgive, you can make others think that way too.

Description: Set strong and clear limit

Set strong and clear limit


Do not give up on hoping you can create a healthy and positive relationship with your daughter-in-law. In a study was published in “gerontologist” in 1999, researchers from Beaver university in Pennsylvania (which become Arcadia university in 2001) did research about the differences between daughters and daughter-in-law in taking care of their parents-in-law. The daughters-in-law have the same experiences when they take care of their parents-in-law just like daughters take care of their parents. Researchers confirm that parents or parents-in-law is not an important feature in the relationship between mothers and daughter-in-law/daughters. Continue improving the quality of communication with her – there is such nothing we cannot change communicating, knowledge and sympathy without development.

Description: Do not give up on her

Do not give up on her


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