Do you bite your nails? You may be mineral deficient.

Dirt and bacteria aren't all you're getting from chewing your nails to the nubbins. "The mineral content of hair or nails is similar to the mineral content of bone," says Campbell. So if you're deficient, your body craves a supply of the minerals in the nail material. "Hence, the reward cycle begins and continues and nail biting becomes a habit."    

Along with increasing the variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet, consider taking a good multivitamin supplement that contains trace minerals.

Do you have a diagonal crease across one earlobe? You could face a 33 per cent increased risk of heart attack.

In fact, if both earlobes have a crease, the risk rises to 77 per cent. Why? Chronic circulatory problems collapse blood vessels in fleshy areas, notably earlobes. The resulting swollen tissue causes a crease. But according to an 11,000-person, 35-year study by the University of Copenhagen, creased earlobes aren't the only predictor of a heart attack. Equally strong are baldness at the crown and fatty deposits around the eyes, known as Xanthelasmata.

Do you get a stuffy nose from red wine? You could be deficient in molybdenum.

Do you get a stuffy nose from red wine?

If you like a glass of wine at the end of the day, you could also be among the eight per cent who suffer from allergy-like symptoms such as stuffy noses, and minor skin rashes. One eighth of those cases are caused by a deficiency in the trace element molybdenum that can cause sensitivity to the sulfites in wine. The rest, says a 2010 Italian study, may be related to glycoproteins, proteins that cover sugar produced by fermentation. The answer? Ask your doctor about a regime of molybdenum and copper, the combination of which must be carefully balanced since too much of one can cause a drop in the other.

Do you always cross your legs and even stand cross-legged? You may have low blood pressure.

As lady like as it is to sit with your legs entwined, it's also an effective way to limit a fall In blood pressure. By crisscrossing your legs, blood pools in the abdomen and reduces the amount of blood that will, literally, end up at your feet.        

In fact, crossing your legs can raise systolic blood pressure by up to 8mmHg, according to a study submitted to the American Heart Council.       

If you do have low blood pressure, it is wise to watch it. Either visit your pharmacist or consult your GP.

Do you have large whorls on your fingertips? You may be at risk of high blood pressure.

According to research by the Environmental Epidemiology Unit at Southampton General Hospital, in the UK, large whorls on fingertips are linked to high blood pressure passed from mother to child.

Do you have large whorls on your fingertips?

Do you have large whorls on your fingertips?

Professor David Barker, who conducted the study, found that a woman who has high blood pressure in the latter stages of pregnancy will have a baby in distress, and this shows in more whorls caused by increased swelling in the fingertips. Those babies are more likely to develop high blood pressure later in life.                       

Ask your doctor to monitor your blood pressure and find out if there's a history of hypertension in your family. 

Do you have dark rings and bags under your eyes? You might be allergic to something around you.

While dark rings under your eyes could be due to over pigmentation, they can also be caused by an allergy

While dark rings under your eyes could be due to over pigmentation, they can also be caused by an allergy. Allergies produce large amounts of the antibody immunoglobulin E (IgE), which causes inflammation and, in the case of the loose skin under your eyes, 'allergic shiners' from the dilation of the blood vessels near the sinuses. And because your immune system is working overtime, allergies can make them darker if you're a poor sleeper. Rather than mask them with cosmetics, ask your GP for a referral to a specialist.

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