Macau Asia: The Tower and The Glory

There are adrenaline rushes galore from the top pf Macau’s centrepice building, The Macau Tower, but find time to lose your shirt in one of the city’s famous casinos

Description: The Macau Tower

The Macau Tower Skywalk

Most visitors to Macau get their adrenaline rush at the high- stakes casinos or watching Cirque de Soleil’s panopply of fantastical creatires. Less dangerous for some than a night on the town may be to climb 233- metre Macau Tower for its SkyJump, the world’s second highest commercial sky jump.

Based on technology used by stuntmen in the movies, the SkyJump flies guests through the air at 60mph for a 20- second breathtaking flight over the neon- lit cityscape before decelerating to a comfortable landing.

For something less extreme, though still trilling, try The Macau Tower Skywalk X, a ‘walk’ around the outer rim of the tower while safely connected to a hands- free overhead harness. The most intrpid travellers will also want to join the ranks  of Guinness World Record breakers AJ Hackett and Edison Chen by doing the world’s hightest bungee jump  from the top of The Macau Tower.

The 120mph freefall lasts an exhilarating few seconds before a series of gentle rebounds lands you onto a specially designed airbag. It also offers the best view of Macau, if you have the nerves of steel required to appreciate it at the time (

Description: The Portuguese colonial

The Portuguese colonial

The Portuguese colonial- influenced Grand Lapa Macau, a Mandarin Oriental hotel (, offers rock climbing tower with four routes of varying difficulty for adults and children (with equipment and supervision provided).

Or turn your friends into deadly enemies with some ‘war games’ at Fisherman’s Wharf (, one of a number of fun activities  available at this waterfront conplex of 150- plus shops and restaurants. The entertainment is housed in buildings styled after the great sea ports of the world such as Cape Town, Amsterdam and Venice, and there are also amusement rides, arcades, and, as this is China, a casino.

Asia Taiwan: An Island to Tai For

Little explored by enternatinal visitors, Taiwan offers a rich cultural diversity, a beautiful coastline and misty far- off mountain scenery straight out of a Chinese scroll painting

Long over shadowed by mainland China, tis island nation offers surprisingly dramatic scenery and  outdoor challenges and is ripe for discovery by visitors from overseas. The street markets of Taipei abound with indigenous edible adventures like snake soup, pig’s blood cake and a dish known as ‘stinky tofu’.

Overnight on arrival at The Sherwood Taipei ( centrally cocated and elegantly finished, this locally- owned boutique hotel offers a personalised alternative to the global brands whose neo- lit logos dot the oaring skiyline.

Description: Hualien, Taiwan

Hualien, Taiwan

For the ultimate in natural adventures, hop on the 35- minute flight to Hualien, 65 miles southeast of Taipei and continue bu=y car along the twisting east- west Cross- Island Highway towards Taroko National Park. WildChina ( customises its Taiwan Treasures intinerary to include walking excursions inside the park along the cerulean waters of the Li- Wu River as it whooshes down from the surrounding snow- capped mountains. Go river rafting in the stunning Taroko Gorge itself then rest up at Silks Place Taroko ( a haven of calm with Japanese chic guestrooms accompaied by dream- inducing acoustics provided by the flowing waters below. Continue along the Cross- Island Highway, which links Hualien to the city of Taichung, passing through 38 dramatic tunnels inluding the Tunnel of Nine Turns and across the marble Bridge of Motherly Devotion.

WildChina’s other bespoke additions include guided visits to the Dutch castles, Japanese temples and tea plantaions that endow Taiwan with a diverse yet little- known cultural heritage.

Description: Yangming Moutain

Yangming Moutain

Continue the physical adventures with a day trip up Yangming Moutain and enjoy scenery out of a Chinese scroll painting. This serene, mist- covered world lies just 45 minutes  from Taipei. Set aside another day for the Caoling Historic Trail, two hours from town. The path, remnants of an old colonial road, meanders along a commanding cliff overlooking the pounding waves of the South China Sea.

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