London's Top 10 : Royal London - Top 10 Royals in Everyday London Life

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  1. Buckingham Palace

    Buckingham Palace
  2. Hampton Court

    The finest piece of Tudor architecture in Britain, Hampton Court was begun by Henry VIII’s ally Cardinal Wolsey in 1514 and later given to the king. It was enlarged first by Henry and then by William and Mary, who employed Christopher Wren as architect. Its many rooms include a huge kitchen, a Renaissance Picture Gallery, the Chapel Royal and fine royal apartments. Set in 60 acres, the gardens, with their famous maze, are as much an attraction as the palace.

  3. Kensington Palace

    An intimate royal palace in Kensington Gardens, famous as the home of Princess Diana, the first sovereign residents here were William and Mary in 1689. Queen Victoria was born here in 1837 and opened parts of the palace to the public, including some of the State Apartments. These are still open today, along with a beautiful Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection. The Orangery is delightful for coffee .

    Kensington Palace
  4. St James’s Palace

    Although not open to the public, St James’s has a key role in royal London. Its classic Tudor style sets it in the reign of Henry VIII, although it served only briefly as a royal residence. Prince Charles has offices here .

    Tudor gatehouse, St James’s Palace
  5. Kew Palace and Queen Charlotte’s Cottage

    The smallest royal palace, Kew was built in 1631 and used as a residence by George III and Queen Charlotte. Nearby Queen Charlotte’s Cottage was used for picnics and housing royal pets. The palace is set in Kew Gardens .

    • Kew, Surrey



    • open during the summer

  6. Banqueting House

    Built by Inigo Jones, this magnificent building is particularly noted for its Rubens ceiling. It was commissioned by Charles I, who stepped from this room on to the scaffold for his execution in 1649.

    • Whitehall SW1

    • Open 10am–5pm Mon–Sat

    • Admission charge

    Ceiling detail, Banqueting House
  7. Queen’s House

    This delightful home in the midst of Greenwich Park was the first Palladian building by Inigo Jones, and home to the wife of Charles I. Beautifully restored to its 17th-century glory, it now provides a home for the National Maritime Museum’s art collection.

    • Romney Road SE10

    • Train to Greenwich

    • Open 10am–5pm daily

    Queen’s House, Greenwich
  8. Royal Mews

  9. Queen’s Chapel

    This exquisite royal chapel is open only to its congregation (visitors welcome as worshippers). Built by Inigo Jones in 1627, its furnishings remain virtually intact, including a beautiful altarpiece by Annibale Carracci.

    • Marlborough Road SW1

  10. Clarence House

    Designed by John Nash in 1827 for William, Duke of Clarence who lived here after he became king in 1830. This royal residence sits beside The Mall. It was the home of the Queen Mother, who died in 2002.

    • Stable Yard SW1

    • Closed to the public

Top 10 Royals in Everyday London Life

  1. King Charles Spaniel

    These were the favourite dogs of King Charles II. Today, the Queen prefers corgis.

  2. Queen Anne’s Gate

    A delightful small Westminster street with a statue of the queen who gave her name to a style of furniture.

  3. Regent’s Park

    The Prince Regent, later George IV, used John Nash for this ambitious urban plan.

  4. Duke of York Steps

    A statue of the “Grand Old Duke of York”, subject of the nursery rhyme, is elevated above these steps off Pall Mall.

  5. Victoria Station

    All the main London railway termini were built in Victoria’s reign. This one serves southern England.

  6. Albert Memorial

    Prince Albert, beloved consort of Queen Victoria, has a splendid memorial in Kensington Gardens .

  7. George Cross

    Instituted in 1940 under George VI, this medal is awarded for acts of heroism by civilians.

  8. Princess of Wales Pubs

    Several pubs have changed their name to remember Diana, Princess of Wales, “the people’s princess”.

  9. Windsor Knot

    The stylish Duke of Windsor, who abdicated the throne in 1938, gave the world a wide tie knot.

  10. King Edward Potato

    This variety of English potato was named after King Edward VII, who visited Ireland after the 1903 potato famine.

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