San Francisco - Around Town : Oceanfront (part 2) - Shops, Places to Eat

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A Two-Hour Hike Around Land’s End

This section of the coast is amazingly wild, especially considering that it is actually within the city limits. Note that portions of the hike are very rugged, so dress accordingly, with good footwear.

Begin at the far end of the Merrie Way parking lot and take the steps down. Follow the trail that passes by the Sutro Baths ruins, to your left as you descend. Continue on along to the Overlook, from which you can take in Seal Rocks and much of the Pacific panorama.

Now double back a bit to pick up the trail that continues along the coast. You will see the remains of concrete military bunkers, which have been broken and tilted by the unstable land, and now decorated with graffiti. Soon you come to a beach below rocky cliffs; note that the surging water is very unpredictable here, so be very attentive. Continue walking and you will arrive at Land’s End Cove, where a makeshift beach, using rock walls as windbreakers, is popular with nudists.

Next, climb up one of the sets of wooden steps to join the path up above and continue on around the bend, where you will be greeted with a stunning view of the Golden Gate Bridge . Keep going all the way to Eagle’s Point and return by way of the higher trail that winds through Lincoln Park .

For a meal after your hike visit Cliff House .


  1. Troika

    With the atmosphere of a pawnshop and the thick sound of Russian being spoken, this shop reflects the émigré neighborhood in which it’s located. All sorts of collectibles and gift ideas, mostly of Russian origin.

    • 6300 Geary Blvd

    • 415 387 4345

  2. Old Stuff

    One of several antiques shops along this strip of Clement, this one has everything, from furniture to jewelry, to lamps, to glass and china.

    • 2325 Clement St

    • 415 668 2220

  3. Gaslight & Shadows Antiques

    The specialty here is porcelain, specifically the precious, delicate masterpieces turned out by the various makers in the town of Limoges, France. It’s like visiting a museum dedicated to this fine artform. Dolls, costume jewelry, and Oriental rugs, too.

    • 2335 Clement St

    • 415 387 0633

  4. The Garden Spot

    Besides some very fine chests, chairs, bureaus, and the like, treasures of all sorts are tucked away here.

    • 3029 Clement St

    • 415 751 8190

  5. Aqua Surf Shop

    Every sort of surf gear, including the extra-thick wetsuits needed to survive these northern waters.

    • 2830 Sloat Blvd between 46th & 47th avenues

    • 415 242 9283

    Aqua Surf Shop
  6. Stonestown Galleria

    Upmarket Nordstrom and all-purpose Macy’s are the anchor stores to this traditional indoor-outdoor shopping center. It isn’t much different from shopping centers all over America, but you might find prices cheaper here than elsewhere.

    • 19th Ave & Winston Drive

    • 415 759 2626

  7. Borders Books & Music

    This chain bookstore offers a good selection of the latest titles, some excellent bargain choices, and a snack bar.

    • 233 Winston Drive

    • 415 731 0665

  8. Williams-Sonoma

    The renowned kitchen, cookware, and serving-ware dealer originated in Northern California. Products from around the world, chosen for functionality and beauty.

    • 3251 20th Ave, Stonestown Galleria

    • 415 242 1473

  9. Ann Taylor

    Simplicity and comfortable fit are the keynotes of the women’s clothing designed by Ann Taylor. Elegant suits, luxurious silk sweaters, linen casuals, or sporty khakis.

    • 3251 20th Ave, Stonestown Galleria

    • 415 564 0229

  10. Bailey Banks & Biddle

    The finest gems are set off by elegant designs created by this jeweler, in business since 1832. They also have Lladró figurines.

    • 3251 20th Ave, Stonestown Galleria

    • 415 759 5310

Places to Eat

  1. Cliff House

    Standard American fare, but the real reason to come here is to see the Pacific crashing on the cliffs below and to witness the wonderful sunsets (see Cliff House).

    • 1090 Point Lobos Ave

    • 415 386 3330

    • Dis. access

    • $$

  2. Beach Chalet Brewery

    Again, you come for the view, both outside, of the ocean, and inside, of the murals. The food is not much to write home about.

    • 1000 Great Hwy

    • 415 386 8439

    • Dis. access

    Beach Chalet Brewery
  3. Louis’

    Diner food with wonderful views of Seal Rock and Land’s End. Every American favorite you can name.

    • 902 Point Lobos Ave

    • 415 387 6330

    • Dis. access

  4. Ton Kiang

    Many say this place has the best dim sum in the city. Always fresh, hot, and tasty, with various specialties.

    • 5821 Geary Blvd

    • 415 387 8273

    • Dis. access

  5. Chapeau!

    Perhaps the most authentic French bistro, run by a talented husband and wife team. He’s the sommelier and knows how to assign the treasures from his list. Service is refined, and every bite memorable.

    • 1408 Clement St at 15th Ave

    • 415 750 9787

    • Closed Mon

    • Dis. access

  6. Kabuto Sushi

    A great Japanese restaurant – the sashimi melts in the mouth.

    • 5121 Geary Blvd at 15th Ave

    • 415 752 5652

    • Closed Mon & Sun

    • Dis. access

  7. Pizzetta 211

    Thin and crisp pizza topped with organic ingredients.

    • 211 23rd Ave

    • 415 379 9880

    • Closed Mon L & Tue

    • No credit cards

    • Dis. access

  8. Q Restaurant

    Friendly staff serve huge portions of comfort food at this local favorite.

    • 225 Clement St

    • 415 752 2298

    • Dis. access

  9. Java Beach Café

    This cozy café serves sandwiches, soup, and pastries in a nautical-themed interior.

    • 1396 La Playa St

    • 415 665 5282

  10. Burma Superstar

    A Burmese eatery with an extensive menu. Don’t miss the tea leaf salad.

    • 309 Clement St

    • 415 387 2147

    • Dis. access

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