Madrid - Around Town : Old Madrid (part 3) - Shops in La Latina, Nights Out

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Shops in La Latina

  1. Caramelos Paco

    The display windows of this famous sweet emporium are ablaze with colour. Some of the flavours – rice pudding, for example sound less appealing than others. Sugarfree sweets for diabetics.

    • Calle de Toledo 55

    Caramelos Paco
  2. El Transformista

    Delve into this Aladdin’s cave for antique and secondhand furniture – everything from old mirrors and table lamps to painted plates and plastic chairs.

    • Calle de Mira el Río Baja 18

    El Transformista
  3. Arte Árabe

    Shades of the Orient in this shop selling hookah pipes, copper kettles, carved wooden boxes, embroidered slippers, cushions, and much more.

    • Calle de Carlos Arniches 2

  4. Fotocasión

    Stocks just about everything the photographer might need – cameras, new and second hand, film, camera cases, tripods and other specialist equipment. Also sells binoculars.

    • Ribera de Curtidores 22

  5. Casa Lucas

    This old fashioned lechería (dairy) should be seen if only for its decorative tiled frontage. The sign outside with the cows reads “Pure milk for children and the sick”.

    • Calle de Carlos Arniches 25

  6. Julio Rodríguez

    As the hand-painted wall sign indicates, this tiny shop is crammed with foot treadle antique sewing machines. Also sells typewriters.

    • Calle de Carlos Arniches 25

  7. María José Fermín

    Wrought iron enthusiasts, look no further. This family business deals in everything from coal scuttles and fire guards to bellows, weather vanes and milk churns.

    • Ribera de Curtidores 2

  8. Galerías Piquer

    Enter through the arch of this attractively restored courtyard to explore the shops on two levels – specializing in antique furniture and objets d’art

    • Ribera de Curtidores 29

  9. Nuevas Galerías

    Shop here for prints, lithographs, reproceramics and antiques. Souvenir hunters should make a beeline for Albarrelo and Mercedes Cabeza de Vaca.

    • Ribera de Curtidores 12

  10. Marihuana

    This goth’s paradise deals in spiked arm bands, studded belts and leather gear, but is also hot on T-shirts – Superman, Che Guevara, Metallica, Jimi Hendrix, take your pick.

    • Plaza Cascorro 6

Nights Out

  1. Casa PATAS

    Aficionados rate this attractive venue as the best place for traditional Spanish Flamenco acts .

    • Calle de Cañizares 10

    Casa PATAS
  2. Viva Madrid

    Worth seeing for the decorative tiles alone, this tapas bar near Huertas really gets going after 10pm and is a popular hangout with the young crowd. In the summer you may need to cool off on the terrace. Full to bursting at weekends.

    • Calle Manuel Fernández y González 7

  3. Café Central

    Sophisticated jazz lovers home in on this Art-Deco café at the top of Huertas. There’s a small admission charge, depending on the artists.

    • Plaza del Angel 10

    Café Central
  4. Populart

    Eclectic live music nightly – anything from blues or jazz to Celtic – and beer on tap. No cover charge, but be warned that there’s a steep mark up on drinks .

    • Calle de las Huertas 22

  5. La Negra Tomasa

    The live salsa music, played Thursdays to Saturdays inclusive, is the main draw of this noisy Cuban restaurant.

    • Corner of Calle de Espoz y Mina, Cádiz 9

    La Negra Tomasa

  6. Cool

    Dance until 6am at this fashionable club to the sounds of DJs or live music in a range of different styles (Thu–Sun).

    • Calle Isabel la Católica 6

  7. La Soleá

    Popular Flamenco haunt where anything can happen (even amateur jamming) as there is no regular programme. Not worth arriving much before 11pm, when things start to heat up. Great fun, but not for purists.

    • Calle de la Cava Baja 34

  8. La Boca del Lobo

    This lively cellar venue (the name means “the jaws of the wolf”) has a great atmosphere. They dance to anything here – acid jazz, hip-hop, rock ‘n’ roll, you name it.

    • Calle de Echegaray 11

  9. Villa Rosa

    No longer the renowned Flamenco bar of old, this lively disco, on a corner of buzzing Plaza de Santa Ana, is generally packed to the rafters at weekends.

    • Plaza de Santa Ana 15

  10. Palacio de Gaviria

    This ornate 19th-century palace is the most unusual club in the city. There are several bars, and a huge ballroom, which still has its original decor. Listen to live music or join the crowds on the dance floor.

    • Calle Arenal 9

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