Vitamins and nutrients in beet, egg, lard, and so on help protect neurons effectively and slow down brain’s ageing process.


Beet is rich in vitamin B and very good for brain. This important nutrient helps hasten new data processing and old information searching in the memory cavity. Besides, beet also has similar use to antidepressant. It contains much folic acid whose use is protecting heart.


Brain’s healthy development is thanks to omega-3 fatty acid. Polyunsaturated fat in anchovy helps protect brain from fast ageing and dementia, and repel depression. Omega-3 content in anchovy is 10 times as much as that in tuna and has less risk to contract toxic at sea like mercury. Besides, anchovy contains much vitamin D and calcium necessary for bone’s firm development.

Description: Anchovy helps protect brain from fast ageing and dementia.

Anchovy helps protect brain from fast ageing and dementia.


Like anchovy, egg contains much omega-3 acid. However, not every type of egg has the same effect. Studies show that compared to battery chicken’s egg, backyard chicken’s egg contains omega-3 nearly 2 times higher and vitamin E 3 times higher. This is a kind of vitamin that can prevent depression and protect brain from contracting Alzheimer. In addition, this kind of egg is rich in choline, a compound that helps intensify the activities of nervous metabolites.


Unlike the thought of many people, lard is very beneficial to brain’s development and especially helps improve mood. Oleic acid in lard is a kind of monounsaturated fat that can reduce the risk of contracting depression. Besides, lard contains much vitamin D that helps repel dementia at the elderly.


Collard and brassicaceae like cabbage, green and white cauliflower are foods that help brain prevent ageing. Harvard Medical University’s study on 13,000 women shows that those who have a habit of eating these vegetables can slow down their ageing speed in 1 – 2 years.

Squash seed

Squash seed contains much tryptophan, a kind of amino acid that can stimulate the process of producing serotonin – important neurotransmitter that improves mood and helps brain develop healthily.

Description: Squash seed improves mood and helps brain develop healthily.

Squash seed improves mood and helps brain develop healthily.


The idiom ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ is really right since apple is kind of fruit rich in catechin, a compound that protects brain from common chemicals harming nervous system in daily consumption products.

Black chocolate

Flavonol compound in black chocolate helps intensify circulatory system of the body, and regulate blood content circulating to the brain. In fact, eating black chocolate also improves skills to do sums. In a 2009’s study, participants were required to count down numbers. As a result, those who had drunk hot cacao containing flavonol before performing the task counted faster and proved to suffer from stress less than who had not.

Berry fruits

Raspberry and cranberry contain much anthocyanin compound that protects memory-related neurons in the brain. Meanwhile, fisetin compound in strawberry helps intensify memory in long term. An English study shows that eating 3 bowls of cranberry every day helps improve memory considerably within a few months.

Description: Berry fruits can protect memory-related neurons in the brain.

Berry fruits can protect memory-related neurons in the brain.

Brussels sprout

Many studies show that brassicaceae contains many molecules that will be metabolized into diindolylmethane when being absorbed into the body. Diindolylmethane is a kind of plant indole that supports the immune system, hence protecting the brain cells. Besides, the antioxidant in this kind of vegetable also helps remove free radicals causing cancer or toxics from waste created by the body in the process of filtering nutrients to form energy.

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