There are symptoms in children that you think to be petty, but they are really dangerous.

Becoming parents means that you have to be in role of doctor in order to diagnose diseases for your babies when they have runny nose, sneeze, irritability, and so on. Therefore, your medical knowledge increases significantly.

Equipping more knowledge about worried symptoms of diseases will help you care for your children better. In the point of fact, there are pathological symptoms in kids that you think 'It is light', 'Simple, take a few pills', but they are more serious than you think.

Signs of extremely bad pathology in kids

Signs of extremely bad pathology in kids

Here are 12 signs of diseases in kids that you cannot disregard:

1.     Have fever of 100.4°F or over for under three month old babies; over 101°F for 3-6-month-old babies; over 103°F for 6 month old to 2-year-old babies.

Pediatricians stress that when fever 'attacks' your children, the temperature on thermometer is not as important as their body temperature that you feel. You should specially note that for infants less than 3 months, if they have fever to 100.4 ° ​​F or higher, you should take them to the nearest medical facility as quickly as possible. If your babies have a fever because of infections such as urinary tract infection, it can spread quickly throughout the body.

For over 2-year-old children, fever is common disease, so you do not need to be too worried if your baby is not dehydrated and has normal expression. However, if you are not sure about methods to cure fever, you should consult your doctor.

2.     Kids do not reduce fever, even taking medicine or fever lasts over 5 days

If you let your children take fever-reducing medicines such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, temperature on thermometer still not decrease after 6 hours, call your doctor immediately. This is sign of too severe infection and children’s body cannot immunize.

Children have fever because of infecting flu virus or having cold will be cure within 5 days. The fever which lasts longer although temperature is not very high can be caused by pneumonic bacteria, and you should take them to see doctor.

3.     Fever comes with stiff neck, headache, or rash (the same as bruises or small spots)

If children have these symptoms, thing you need to do immediately and frequently are taking them to visit doctors because that can be signs of meningitis.

4.     Rash in circular vortex, and small spots that do not disappear when you press on the skin, or big bruises

Rash in circle with a light yellow spot at center can be symptom of Lyme. You need to take your babies to hospital if appearing tiny spots as end of needle under skin, because they can be sign of many dangerous diseases. Any spreading bruises that do not know origin can be expression on disorders of blood.

A big rash, with a little swell, can be sign of allergy. If babies feel difficult to breath, be agitated or tired, comatose, you should call doctor immediately.

Be careful with red spots on babies’ body.

Be careful with red spots on babies’ body.

5.     Show off new moles or shape of old mole changes

You need to track to moles of babies, especially birth moles, because they have high risk of changing into malignance. Pay attention to check baby’s skin carefully when having a bath, and consult doctor if moles are transformation or swelling because they may be initial sign of skin cancer.

6.     Pain in lower or right abdomen, or have stomachache suddenly

If your children suffer from pain in lower abdomen or in right abdomen, require them to try jumping up and down – if they are more painful, it can be sign of appendicitis.

If babies are under 4 years old and have stomachache irregularly, it can be expression of intussusception – a serious disorder in kids when parts of intestine are entangled together. Pain increases after every 20-60 minutes coming with vomiting, fever, blood in excrements, or bowel goes out looking like grape jelly. Call a doctor if babies only pain, but if pained seriously going with these above phenomena, you need to take them directly to hospital.

7.     Have headache in the early morning or at midnight coming with vomiting

Be careful because this is sign of migraine and you need to consult doctor’s to have appropriate treatment. Migraine in babies is not dangerous and usually caused by the genetic. However, headache in the early morning and at midnight can be omen of a dangerous illness, so you need to take your kids to visit doctor.

Children have headache in the early morning or at midnight can be sign of dangerous illness.

Children have headache in the early morning or at midnight can be sign of dangerous illness.

8.     Dry lips, little urination, flat fontanel (in newborn babies), dry skin, less elastic skin, or nausea, diarrhea

All signs are due to body’s dehydration which needs to be treated as soon as possible because it can cause shock. Call emergency or take your kids to hospital immediately if you think they are in alarm status. Or consult doctor to find out the ways providing water for babies.

9.     Be cyanosis or pale around mouth, difficult breath, contraction of breast and abdomen

Respiratory problems in children become more serious and worried when sounds coming from chest and lungs, not from nose as usual.

Acute respiratory problems are often because of choking, allergic reactions, asthma attacks (which can easily happen in a few month-old infants), pneumonia, whooping cough, or laryngitis. Call an ambulance or find the help of knowledgeable people right now.

If kids do not clearly show that they are getting serious problems, check your children's breathing. Count times of respiratory in 30 seconds and then multiply by 2; usual level is less than 60 times for infants, under 40 for under 1 year-old babies, under 30 for 1 – 3 year-old kids, and less than 24 times with children 4 -10 year-old children.

10.  Swell tongue, lips, and eyes, especially coming with vomiting or itching

These are usually signs of serious allergic reactions. Symptoms can include swell, shortness of breath, severe rash, and need to cure immediately. Call an ambulance and if possible, inject a shot of EpiPen or take a dose of Benadryl for your babies for allergy while waiting. For less severe reaction, consult doctor.

11.  Fall down in under 6 month-old babies, change obviously about mind such as nervousness or loss of consciousness, vomiting, or any injuries on body such as bone fracture

These emergency situations need to be diagnosed and prescribed by doctor, so you should take your babies to the nearest medical care. In general, falling down of babies under 6 months old is less serious if they fall in altitude that equals to height of them, and do not fall on sharp and hard things.

12.  Open wounds large enough to put a cotton toothpick in or not stopping bleeding though having made first-aid for a few minutes

They express that your children need to be medical care (maybe need to suture, cover, dress the wounds), and depend on serious level, thing you need to do is call an ambulance or call doctor.

Let your children visit doctor if they are bitten and have a laceration on skin by animals, or by another baby.

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