Why shouldn’t you nosh?

You often think that being pregnant means that you need to gain weight, so you eat and drink comfortably. However, you are wrong.

A balanced, scientific and nutritious diet is necessary for fetus’s healthy development.

Scientists carried a research on a pregnant mouse and gave it a lot of snacks. They gave conclusion: In pregnancy, if mothers eat a lot of snacks that don’t have nutrients, newborn babies will be obesity and overweight.

On the contrary, if mothers eat less fat or a lot of sugar, it will have negative effect on fetus.

How to limit noshing

You should limit snacks, fast food, foods that are processed. You need to change daily life habit, such as spending mush time to cook, enjoying dishes that you cook, and finding about nutrients of foods.

Women should pay attention that you should avoid using foods that have color or artificial smell.

You should control noshing, especially before going to bed.

You should control noshing, especially before going to bed.

6.     Sugar

Why should you limit to use sugar?

In pregnancy, if mothers eat a lot of sugar, it will affect fetus in the future. If pregnant women have high rate of glucose in blood, it will increase the risk of diabetes for babies in the future.

How to overcome

In pregnancy, if you crave for sweet, you can eat sweet fruits instead of eating a lot of candies and cakes.

Instead of eating sweet cake and candy, women can eat sweet fruits.

Instead of eating sweet cake and candy, women can eat sweet fruits.

7.    Stress

Why should you limit stress?

High rate of stress can affect being pregnant. Trauma in psychology such as divorce in family, losing relative, achievements in work are typical stresses in daily life.

Stress can also affect result of curing childlessness. According to some researches, stress in psychology not only reduces the chance of becoming pregnant but also affects the rate of discontinuing curing process. However, most of the patients curing disease that have stressed psychology tend to give up early.

How to overcome it

·         Combine practical therapeutic methods such as consulting psychological experts

·         Do exercise every day, practice yoga, share with family and friend

·         Change healthy lifestyle, positive and optimistic mentality

8.    Lacking sleep

Why do you adjust shortage of sleep?

People consider that in the first period of pregnancy, if pregnant women sleep under 6 hours/night, they have the risk in high blood pressure. If they sleep under 5 hours/night, they will catch pre-eclampsia.

How to overcome it

You should sleep enough 8 hours a night. You should change life habit and time of going to bed. You should ensure to go to bed and get up on time every day. You shouldn’t sleep too much or stay in bed late at weekend.

You should pay attention to space of bedroom to help you have good quality sleep: temperature of room, light equipment, color of wall and door curtain. Turn off electronic equipment such as TV, cellphone.

You also need to replace a new pad to have a better sleep and avoid pets to go to bedroom.

Women need to go to bed on time and have enough sleep.

Women need to go to bed on time and have enough sleep.

9.     Lazy lifestyle or practice too much

Why do you have to adjust activities and practice?

In pregnancy, doing exercise has a lot of benefits such as:

·         Preventing overweight too much to pregnant women

·         Reducing the risk of pregnant diabetes

·         Increasing resistance and suffering ability for process of giving birth in the future

The important thing is that pregnant women must have a suitable practice. The best way is that women should do exercise before intending to become pregnant.

But, you should remember that although you are an athlete or you love sport, you shouldn’t practice too much.

How to overcome it

Ask your husband or relative in family to practice with you. The simple way is that take pet dog to go out for walk. This is a way for you to practice.

You can hire an individual instructor to help you create habit of doing exercise, but the important thing is that you yourself must have practicing awareness.

You can choose sports such as walking, swimming, go jogging, practicing yoga in time when you are ready to become pregnant.

10.  Illegal drug

Why do you have to give up?

Illegal drugs such as drug, hashish, cocaine, synthetic drug can make fetus have inborn defect.

These drugs go through placenta to fetus, so it affects development of fetus. As a result, mothers will have the risk of miscarriage and premature birth.

How to give up

Mothers need to understand clearly about consequence in process of giving birth if they continue using these drugs. Since then, they determine to detoxify.

Write diary every day, do exercise or go to see detoxified experts to receive necessary support.


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