Maintaining a diet is always easier if you can control completely the cooking. But holidays do not mean your diet go away. There are many ways to keep your calories under control while you’re away from home, but you may have to make some changes when you can’t cook by yourself.

1.        Do research before you go

Many restaurant chains have their own websites which provide their menu’s information. You can even see the amount of calories for each item. Take note of items to avoid and those that are suitable for your diet and your taste. Some restaurants mark the diet-friendly foods on menu. Remember those information in mind when choosing where to eat.

2.        Bring healthy snack alongside you

Bring some energy bars and other healthy snack. When driving, you can pack fruit and other low-calorie items to help you get away from vending machine temptation or drive-through desperation.

Description: Bring some energy bars and other healthy snack.

Bring some energy bars and other healthy snack.

3.        Have lunch at a grocery store

A grocery store with full services will have many kinds of fruit, yogurt, granola bars and other items which don’t ruin your diet plan. Some have salad bars where you can choose your own items and portions.

4.        Order salads? Be careful!

Salad maybe a low-calorie choice, but you should care about high-fat and high-calories food. Breaded and fried chicken (often called “crispy”) has more calories than grilled chicken. Other items to avoid include refried beans (common in taco salads), high-fat dressings (blue cheese is a good example) and many kinds of cheeses.

Description: Salad is good for your health.

Salad is good for your health.

5.        Watch for healthful cooking methods

Choose grilled meat, seafood or veggies instead of fries. Beware of sauces: a white sauce, or anything else which is described as “creamy” often has more fat than a tomato or marinara sauce.

6.        Reduce portion size

Here are some strategies to cut portion size: Try ordering an appetizer as your main meal. Consider sharing your appetizer with someone else instead of eating it all by yourself. Plan to eat just a half of your meal and take home the rest (or leave it on your plate).

7.        Choose zero-calories beverages

Ask for diet soda, unsweetened iced tea, or even a tall glass of ice water with lemon. Save those calories in sweetened soda for another part of meal. Restaurants often refill your drink for free, which can add up to several hundred calories if you don’t order a diet drink.

8.        Beware of alcoholic drinks

This is another area where research can serve you well. Look up the calories in your favorite beverages before the trip and know which drinks you should avoid. Some can contain 500 calories in 1 glass, some can contain less than that. You should decide which drinks you should avoid and stick to your plan.

9.        Take a walk

Look for opportunities to walk for exercise. Choose walking instead of bus. Get up early and explore the area around your hotel by foot or take advantage of the pool or fitness room of the hotel.

10.     Plan for a small fun

After all, you’re on vacation! Consequently, get 1 or 2 meals without thinking about diet and enjoy what you want. You should think of it as a reward for sticking to the diet for the rest of the trip.

Description: After all, you’re on vacation!

After all, you’re on vacation!




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