5 Movements Burning Out Fat Quickly

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Just 5 simple movements are able to help your body get slim and firm.

Description: Exercise to reduce fat

Exercise to reduce fat

There is no need to expensive gym; just spent 15 minutes a day exercising, and you can lose weight as your expectation.

1.     Combined press-up movements

Implementation: 10 times

Description: Combined press-up movements

Combined press-up movements

Initially, the body is in a position the same as push movement, then push the bottom up to form right angle between legs and back, pull legs forward, and put your feet on the floor (Figure 1)

Slowly lower the body down, toes touch the floor; put both hands straight against on the floor (Figure 2)

Elbow, press down the body to parallel to the floor (Figure 3)

Finally press hips on the floor, lean both stretched hands, back neck, pull back on the back (Figure 4)

2.     Flexing movements

Implementation: 15 times

Description: Flexing movements

Flexing movements

First, be upright on the floor, press two legs together, slightly bend knees, and clasp two hands in front of the chest (Figure 1)

Swing feet high, drop hands, and place the legs into a V shape (Figure 2)

When contacting ground, lean forward, let both hands grasp the big toe, put the feet right perpendicularly to the floor (Figure 3).

3.     Back-bending movements

Implementation: 10 times

Description: Back-bending movements

Back-bending movements

First, locate on the floor, two feet are put perpendicularly to the floor, bend back, both hands touch the floor (Figure 1)

Slowly lower arms to parallel to the body, extend the knee, raise your back, and let your head touch the floor (Figure 2)

4.     Leg movements

Implementation: 10 times

Description: Leg movements

Leg movements

Put legs perpendicularly to the floor, lean hands against the floor, and slowly push back to form a straight line parallel to the floor (Figure 1)

Put the right leg up, and pull on the left hand side, touch left hand (Figure 2)

Repeat the first position and switch leg.

5.     Abdominal movements

Implementation: 10 times

Description: Abdominal movements

Abdominal movements

Lie back on the floor, outstretch legs and arms, and pull legs and arms up to form X-shaped (Figure 1)

Turn over to the left, move into straight lying position and retract knees forward head (Figure 2).

Turn to the Figures 1 position and switch side

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