You yourself can detect that you are going to have baby due to early signs.

Menstrual cycle

Some women have normal menstruation in pregnancy. Some women even have menstruation until the sixth month of pregnancy or during pregnancy. Therefore, being slow in menstruation doesn’t always mean that you become pregnant.

Chest size changes

In pregnancy, women’s chest becomes soft and has a lot of vena. Breast becomes bigger. In this early period of being pregnant, your chest begins to change to produce colostrum.

When you are pregnant, your breast’s size will change.

When you are pregnant, your breast’s size will change.

Discharge of blood

Women often confuse this phenomenon of discharging blood because they consider it as a cycle. However, it appears when ovum is become pregnant then it comes to wall chamber of uterus. At the beginning, blood is red, after that it transfers to brown. This case lasts for 1-2 days. Therefore, if this phenomenon disappears quickly, it is also a sign that proves that you become pregnant.


When the content of progesterone (hormone helping maintain pregnancy) in your body increases, embryo begins to secrete HCG hormone (necessary hormone that helps form embryo). This thing makes blood pelvis increase and as a result, it leads to obstruction of hipbone. This thing stimulates your bladder secrete urine more regularly. Hence, women often urinate more than usual. This thing can take place the earliest with a week after becoming pregnant.

Mouth has strange taste

Slaver in mouth often shows chemical component in blood and when quantity of hormones increases, your taste can change. Women often describe that their mouth has mental taste. This thing can be reason making you feel that taste of some drinks such as tea, coffee or grain are different from the previous time.

Fear some smells

Your feeling about taste changes and it is sign helping you know that you become pregnant. Some strong smells such as coffee or fried onion you like in the past now make you fear. Perfume can also bring similar effect. In addition, you also recognize that smell of perfume on your body also changes and the reason is change of chemical component in your skin.

Crave for eating

You suddenly crave for eating foods that you never liked in the past. Many women crave fore grapefruit, orange or drinking lemon juice. Some others crave for strange things such as coal or powder. A theory shows that phenomenon of craving food is a reaction of body because of lacking some necessary minerals and nutrients. If you crave for eating citrus, you lack vitamin C.

In pregnancy, you become to crave for eating more than usual.

In pregnancy, you become to crave for eating more than usual.

Feel tired

When you feel exhausted all day, you want to have a long sleep. The reason is that the quantity of progesterone in body increases and it acts as a tranquillizer. In the first period of pregnancy, metabolism process takes place quickly. It supports foe development of embryo and important organs in your body because they work a lot in pregnancy. And you will feel more tired when you are pregnant the second or third baby. At that time, you don’t have chance to rest and relax.

Morning sickness

Nauseating can take place in times in day, especially in morning, because at this time, your stomach is empty and blood sugar reduces. Morning sickness closely relates to diet that is poor of nutrients, not eating and drinking on time and stress in pregnancy. Hormones that maintain fetus (HCG) can be the main reason that causes morning sickness.

Nauseating can take place in times in day, especially in morning.

Nauseating can take place in times in day, especially in morning.

However, nauseating and vomiting in pregnancy is a good sign that shows that quantity of hormone in your blood is high enough to ensure that becoming pregnant takes places smoothly. You shouldn’t worry if you don’t see these signs. Some women feel lucky when they spend pregnancy without morning sickness.

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