You know the one, she’s an H&M swimwear poster come to life – toned, tanned and uber-confident. With our insider tips, you can be, too!

Pre-pool: If you want your skin to glisten in the sun – smooth, soft and bump-free – you need to exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Kimberley Carter of the British Association of Dermatologists says most summer skin problems, from heat rash to breakouts, are caused by clogged pores, so prep skin with a scrub like Aveda Caribbean Therapy Body Scrub, $ 45. With avocado oil, passion fruit and lime, the scent will get you in the holiday spirit, while Caribbean cane sugar clears your pores.

Poolside: No, it’s not a G&T. Chances are your hotel’s hottie is sipping water all day long because she knows that staying hydrated is the number one way to avoid ugly prickly heat. ‘People suffer from prickly heat because their blood has become thick and overheated,’ says Caroline Sproule, of Bromesgrove Allergy and Nutrition centre. ‘Continually sipping water prevents this happening, so you’ll avoid heat rash.’

She’s got muscle tone to die for

Pre-pool: heard about how high-intensity interval training blasts fat and boosts metabolism? Do it pre-holiday with these six moves.

The all-rounder

A brilliant, dynamic total-body move, burpees are essentially two separate move merged together, to target both your lower and upper body.

·         Crouch down, placing both hands on the floor at your feet.

·         Shoot both feet backwards until you’re in a press-up position.

·         Jump both feet forward to your hands and jump your whole body straight up, looking straight ahead. This is one rep. repeat 15 times.

Description: The all-rounder

The all-rounder

The upper-body honer

These plank rows are great for strengthening and toning your core, shoulders and back.

·         Start in the press-up position with one hand on a sturdy chair and the other holding a dumbbell.

·         Pull the weight to your chest.

·         Lower the dumbbell back to the start position to complete one rep. do 15 reps on each arm.

Description: The upper-body honer

The upper-body honer

The limb lengthener

Dumbbell swings target your bum, thighs, core and arms.

·         Stand, holding a dumbbell with both hands, then lower down into a half squat.

·         As you straighten your legs, push your kips forwards and swing the dumbbell up to eye level with straight arms.

·         Allow the dumbbell to swing back down while bending your knees into another squat. This is one rep – do 15.

Description: The limb lengthener

The limb lengthener

The total toner

These ‘lie down, stand ups’ work your while body. Do them quickly and you’ll get cardio boost to boot.

·         Lie down on your front with your arms on the floor above your head.

·         Stand up straight, then immediately lie down again on your back with your arms stretched out straight above your head.

·         Return to the standing position to complete one rep. repeat 15 times, aiming to work through the reps as fast as you can.

Description: The total toner

The total toner

The waist cincher

This windmill move targets your oblique muscles.

·         With your feet shoulder-width apart, hold a dumbbell in your left hand above your head.

·         Keeping your left arm vertical, ease your hips out to the left, and slide your bright hand down the inside of your right leg.

·         Slide your hand back up your leg to return to the start position. Perform 15 reps on each side.

Description: The waist cincher

The waist cincher

The bingo-wing banisher

This ‘clean and press’ is brilliant for exercising the length of your arms.

·         Squat, holding a dumbbell in each hand by your feet

·         Stand up, bringing the dumbbell height, then press them upwards overhead.

·         Reverse the process to return to the start position and complete one rep.

Description: The bingo-wing banisher

The bingo-wing banisher

Poolside: Smart girls take their lunges along with their luggage, with a mini holiday circuit they use to tone up in an instant. Before grabbing your towel, do these three exercises, as recommended by celeb trainer Jon Denoris. They’ll engage your major muscle groups to make your whole body look tauter.

·         20 reverse lunges to target your bum and legs.

·         20 mountain-climbers to engage the deepest muscles in your core as well as your arms and legs

·         20 push-ups to lift your chest and engage your shoulders and triceps

She enjoys eating the healthy stuff

Pre-pool: Two weeks before going away, cut out sugar to reduce bloating. ‘It’s about losing excess fluid, rather than weight,’ says Charlotte Watts, nutritional therapist and author of The De-Stress Diet (Hay house, $ 20). ‘Nettle and dandelion tea can also help. Also, beach goddesses know to add some lean protein to each meal and cut carbs down a touch, to build muscle and shed fat.’ Think an egg-white omelette for breakfast, tuna with lunch and turkey at dinner.

Poolside: A few simple menu mantras and you’ll feel bikini confident all week long Breakfast is key: ‘Skip the sugary pastries at the buffet,’ says Charlotte. ‘Eggs are much better option – they’ll stop you craving sweet treats later in the day. Protein-heavy foods like steak and fish are fantastic for lunch,’ says Charlotte. ‘Just skip the chips and have with veg or salad.’ Also, drizzle your food with the local olive oil. ‘It’s amazing for helping your body absorb nutrients,’ she says.

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