Need foolproof slimming strategies to help you look and feel lighter? Registered nutritionist Anita Bean reveals the easiest ways to close those calories

Description: Bad for you - on so many levels

Bad for you - on so many levels

Keep it off!

Why do so many people find it hard to keep weight off once they’ve shed the pounds? One explanation is that when you’re lighter, your body needs fewer calories so unless you consciously eat less, you risk putting it back on. But the good news is that weight re-gain isn’t inevitable. Many dieters do manage to stay slim – here’s how the 10,000 successful weight-losers on the US National Weight Control Registry do it:

·         Exercise (gently) for an hour or more a day – the equivalent of a four-mile daily walk.

·         Weigh yourself every day and cut back if your weight goes up more than 2lb.

·         Eat breakfast every day and don’t skip meals to stop hunger pangs and curb over-eating.

·         Spend no more than 10 hours a week watching TV.

·         Be consistent – don’t cheat at weekends or on holiday.

Which diet is best?

Description: Which diet is best?

Which diet is best?

When it comes to weight loss, it’s not the diet itself that matters but the calories that count. A major new study has found that people following a low-fat or a low-carb diet are no more successful than those following other diets. Provided they stuck to their plan, everyone in the study lost the same amount of weight and body fat in six months, whether they cut carbs or fat, or upped protein. Even after two years, there was no difference in the amount of weight loss they sustained. The key, it seems, is to find a plan that fits your lifestyle and that you’re most likely to stick with.

A sweet solution

Description: A sweet solution

Even if you virtuously don’t add sugar to tea and coffee, you’re probably eating more than you think in processed food. A little sugar isn’t a problem, but high intakes can be as harmful to the body as alcohol or tobacco: that’s the stark warning from a group of leading experts who say that, over time, sugar changes the metabolism, raise blood pressure and damages the liver. Aim to eat less than the guideline daily amount of 90g and look out for new products that contain stevia. It’s 300 times sweeter than sugar, can be used in the same way and comes as granules, cubes, powder or tablets.

3 easy ways to save 100 calories in June

·         Swap

            350g Waitrose Mains For 2 Paella 484 calories


            300g Waitrose Frozen King Prawn Paella 364 calories

            Nutritional saving = 120 Calories

·         Swap

            50g  Jordans Country Crisp + 100ml semi skimmed milk 287 calories


            1 sachet (27g) Oat So Simple + 180ml semi skimmed milk 183 calories

            Nutritional saving = 104 calories

·         Swap

            300g Tesco Chesse and Tomato Pasta snack salad 545 calories


            275g Tesco Chargrilled Chicken Pasta snack salad 425 calories

            Nutritional saving = 120 Calories

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