Is A Holistic Hen Do For You? (Part 1)

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Tear up the ‘L’ plates and cancel the stripper- the new bachelorette parties are about bonding with your besties over a yoga workout, gym class or 10k run …

Description: Is a Holistic Hen Do for you?

Is a Holistic Hen Do for you?

Gone are the days when a hen weekend meant an obligatory boozy trip to Blackpool, where your only souvenir was a Kiss- Me- Quick hat and a raging hangover. That is not to say we are no longer taking our hen parties serioursly- on in three hens spend about $838 a head on theirs- but rather that we are  becoming increasingly selective about how we will celebrate our dearest girlfriends going from Miss to Mrs.

The latest trend is for ‘holistic’ hen dos and they are a world away from the traditional sash, stripper and Sambuca combo. Instead, the itinerary is all about feel- good experiences, be that beachfront workouts or sushi- making lessons- maximising the opportunity to hone both skills and body surrounded by your closest girlfriends.

If you think this all sounds suspiciously similar to the classic hen’s spa break, you would be wrong. Spending all weekend drifting about in a bathrobe seems, so, well, 2010, compared to the latest seriously body- honing hen breaks.

Description: a gym class

a gym class

This year is brides – to - be are busting out of the white towelling and slipping into some seriously stylish workout gear,ready to strut their stuff at fitness retreats such as the hen - specific Bodu Beautiful Bootcamp (bodybeautifulbootcamp.co.uk), where you are free to custom- build your hen experience and dicide how much exercise you want to do and what type (Zumba camp  anyone?), with the same approach to post- workout wine. Or Fit Boot Camp (fit- bootcamp.com). a results- guaranteed luxury bootcamp, where the tasty, locally- sourced menu promises you will not gain a bodice- busting pund.

‘I saw my hen do as less of a “last night of freedom” and more of a fantastic opportunity for a healthy blitz to help my bridesmaids and me look great in our dresses,’ says Georgia Tolley, 32, a web writer from London. ‘We have all had plenty of drunken nights out together over the years, but this was an opportunity to spend some quality time with each other, somewhere beautiful and remote where there was no chance of me being forced to wear a feather boa or lick squirty cream off  a naked man!’ Geargia and six close friends headed to the Majorcan countryside for a weekend- long luxury bootcamp (bootique.me). ‘Our days consisted of Pilates classes, personal- training sessions, laps of the pool and leisurely hill walks, with delicious, healthy meals and the opportunity to sit back and relax together with a glass of good wine at the end of the day. It was not cheap, at @914 each, but it was definitely worth it- I got all the best bits of a traditional hen do with the bonus of looking and feeling great afterwards.’

Description: Centre Pilates class

Centre Pilates class

 ‘Social time is an opportunity to escape the speed of our lives,’ says James Wallman, editor of trends- forecasting title LS:N Global. ‘But the fly- and- flop bachelorette break mo longer ticks the box. Healthy group exercise or skill masterclasses seem to be the only way to switch off from our over- connected lives. It is more catharic, more holistic and generally more meaningful than getting drunk and losing the next day to a hangover.’

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