Anantasana - Reclining Pose Dedicated to Vishnu, preparation

Description: Reclining Pose Dedicated to Vishnu, preparation

Reclining Pose Dedicated to Vishnu, preparation

This variation of Anantasana will help you to open your shoulders and take a deep hip stretch as you set yourself up in preparation to transition into the full pose. From lying on your belly, roll onto your right side.

Position yourself so that the full length of your body is lying right at the edge of your mat. You’ll use the mat edge as a guide to keep the full length of your body in a straight line. Extend your right arm along the edge of the mat with the palm of your hand facing down.

Rest the left hand on the floor in front of you to establish stability and help you balance as you work the main actions of engaging your core and opening your shoulders and hips. Press your heels away from your hips to encourage lengthening through your legs.

Draw the center of the sacrum in toward the public bone and move the pubis toward the navel to firm your core and prevent your lover back from overarching. Although your abdomen will be drawn back toward the lumbar spine, avoid shortening or gripping your belly and the diaphragm.

Move the right shoulder blade in toward the chest as you broaden across the front of your upper body. extend through your sigh body. extend through your right side body as much as you can so that the center of the armpit opens toward the floor. Reach through the right index finger so that you feel your torso lengthen all the way from the bottom of your rib cage. Bend the right elbow and rest your head in the palm of your hand. Ben the left knee and bring your foot on the floor just in front of the right thigh. Press the left foot against the right thigh and then bring your left onto your left leg just below your knee.

Gently press the left knee back. Isolate the movement of the left leg into the left hip by stabilizing the full length of your body. draw the left outer hip sharply forward toward the center of the hip socket as you press the knee back.

Now you’ll engage your abdominals to maintain the stability of your alignment and balance. Move the sacrum and shoulder blades in toward the front of the body and extend out through the full length of your right side, from your lower ribs through your right elbow, and then from your pelvis through your right leg.

As you exhale, draw the navel toward the lumbar spine. Like pressing a flower between two pages, the back of the body and the left foot press in toward the center and enhance the feeling that your body is lengthening all the way from the sole of your right foot to your right elbow. Continue to refine your alignment to support the stability and length you’ve established, and see if you can begin to release any extra effort in order to encourage a relaxed feeling of repose.

Anantasana - Reclining Pose Dedicated to Vishnu

Description: Reclining Pose Dedicated to Vishnu

Reclining Pose Dedicated to Vishnu

Anantasana requires complete mindful attention in order to maintain extension and stability. As you transition into the full pose, initiate and refine your physical adjustments slowly and remain poised, calm, and centered.

Hug the left knee in close to the armpit and hold the big toe with your index finger, middle finger, and thumb. Draw the outer hip forward toward the inner thigh and slowly extend your left leg toward the ceiling. Press the big toe against your clasp and reach from the center of the hip socket up through your left leg. Continue to reach out through the right heel and draw the sacrum and right shoulder blade in toward the front body as you firm the navel in toward the spine.

Savor Anantasana for several minutes while you refine the pose. Follow your breath and ride the sweet rhythmic dance of stability and repose. To release, bend your left leg, roll onto your back, and begin the sequence on the other side.

Balance is a nuanced dance of coordinating opposing forces so that they work in concert with each other. Be courageous as you explore the razor’s edge of balance and yet remain calm to refine the dance. With practice, your hips will open and the dance will become effortless as you learn to create stability in the sea of change.

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