Touch the fit fix you love but not seeing the results you want? Your complimentary activities will tone the areas your workout can not reach

You love cycling add pilates

Description: You love cycling add pilates

Biking is great for toning your legs and glutes, but hunching over handlebars is not great for your posture. ‘Cycling does not do much for the core- your abs, obliques and back,’ says personal trainer Liz Fulford (fulfordfitness.co.uk). se recomends you avoid the slump- and the back pain it causes- with Pilates. ‘The moves engage your core throughout, improve your flexibility and  generally loosen you up. So you get the added bonus of better balance.’ Handy for your two- wheeled workout!


Try a weekly class, on mats or with a reformer wired up to pulleys and weights for extra resistance. For a class directory, see pilates.co.uk

You love zumba add tennis

Description: You love zumba add tennis

Fast and fabulous Zumba classes are a fantatic mis of hight- tempo cardio and resistance moves. ‘The one downside- as with all classes- is that there is not much one- to- one attention, and you will not reap the full benefits if you get the moves wrong,’ says Liz. ‘A racket sport, such as tennis, will get your mind and body working together, boosting your concentration and coordination- so you will nail those Zumba moves every time.’


Tennis burns up to 200 calories per half hour- plus it is free, fun and a perfect excuse to round up your friends for a trip to the park. Do it on non- Zumba days so your are not knackered pre-  class. Check out page 100 for our expert tips.

You love running add a bootcamp class

Description: You love running add a bootcamp class

‘Running is another great cardio workout, but it neglects your upper body,’ says Liz. A not- as- scary- as- it- sounds bootcamp will give you an all- over workout specifically targeted at the muscles running can not reach. ‘And because park bootcamps have a friendly, social feel, just one class can boost a flagging spirit and help you stick to your training plan.’ She says. It is the summer craze that will not go away, so you would be hard- pressed not to find one in your area.


Hit the park once or twice a week, from $56 a month, britmilfit.com

You love swimming add TRX

Description: You love swimming add TRX

A dip burns 180 to 250 cals per half hour;  solid, but not as much as some other sports. TRX will ramp up that calorie burn and consolidate all the benefits of swimming- think a healthier heart  and lungs and more toned arms and legs. The moves, performed on an upright frame with straps for your hands and feet, use your bodyweight as resistance. ‘You will do short, high- intensity exercises that boots metabolism and improve fitness, so you will be lapping the pool  with ease’, say trainer Kim Ingleby (energisedperformance.com)


Classes cost around $38 a pop. Set up your own TRX mini- gym at home (all you need is a strong door to attrch the kit to) from $202; door anchor, $32, trxfitness.co.uk

You love gym workouts add a resistange band

Description: You love gym workouts add a resistange band

‘Switch up your rrgular gym routine every four to six weels to work different muscle groups and reap the same benefits,’ suggests Liz. ‘To really step up the gains, add more dunamic moves to raise your heart rate without limiting your range of motion.’ Resistance band moves-  where a giant piece of elastic adds resistance to conventional exercises- are perfect. Use it for bicep curls, leg lifts and shoulder presses.


Swap one gym session a week for your new routine. Resistance bands cost from $14.5, ripcords.com.uk

Double- duty moves

Want more biceo for your buck? Tweak these exercises for better results


Do a conventional lunge, holding a weight in each hand, arms straight. ‘This works your glutes and core harder,’ says Kim. Result? A tauter tum and bum.

Chair dips

Sit, holding a weight above your head, then bend your arm, bringing the weight behind your head. This tricep extension works the same muscles as a dip, but gets your abs invoved, too.


Perform a squat holding a kettlebell in both hands. At the lowest point, swimming the weight up wards as you stand to target your entire body.

Leg curls

Lie with knees bent. Raise your hips into a bridge position while lifting a weight above your chest in a chest press. More work for your upper body roped in, too.

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