Stress, lacking of sleep and sunlight…are what we often avoid to keep our freshness. However, don’t you know that besides them, there are many elements in your body which are silently aging you?

In the lately book Eat Yourself Young, Elizabeth Peyton-Jones explained about some main processes in the body that were disordered and impulse the aging. Those processes include digestion and toxin removing, inflammatory, oxidation process and the balance of acidity / alkalinity. When you are young, these processes run smoothly. However, when you grow old, stressed factors which may damage your body cause the aging process. Don’t worry, because health tips below can help you eat in the right way and have a youthful beauty.

Description: Eating in the right way will help you slow the aging process.

Eating in the right way will help you slow the aging process.

Aging factor 1: Slow digestion

Digestive system works well as the core element helping you stay young. Intestine stores energy for the body: when the food comes into the body, nutrients will be extracted and the rest is removal waste. If your intestine activities come to a deadlock or constipated, immediately, liver, kidney, intestine, lung and skin will be pinched that causes the body to start aging. Meanwhile, the intestine can’t absorb nutrients, vitamins and minerals as the original; skin and nails are weak and broken; eyes are inflamed and decrease vision; cheeks are down; your weight increases but the energy is not durable. You look much older quickly.

A healthy intestinal system will help nutrients be absorbed through the cell membrane and block all harmful wastes. However, when the intestine is inefficient, these wastes will be counterproductive and absorbed into cells, joints and muscles – which we call “gut leakage”. The immune system reacts with wastes, which hurts joints and muscles, leading to arthritis, acnes, multiple infections and exhausted feelings.

In addition, more than 70% of immune system locates in the gut, so if the intestine is disordered, your immune system will weaken. It means you are easy to be infected and physiccaly disordered such as food allergy and unpleasantness. You feel unwell, stressful and the aging level increase.

Description: Slow digestion

Slow digestion

Symtoms of irritable intestine

Being swelled, belched and have bad breath

Bloating continuously (more than 15 minutes/day)

Abdominal pain, heartburn, indigestion

Ulcerative colitis, IBS, appendicitis, constipation, diarrhea

Symtoms included: acnes, arthritis, body ordor, fatigue, cold, eczema, vestibular pain, headache, food allergy, psoriasis.

Progression of the disease

To diagnosis time of intestinal digestion, eat about 5 – 10 of charcoal 2 hours before meals and 5 hours before going to bed. Calculate how long it takes for you to have black bowel movements. The ideal time is 12 -24 hours. If it’s longer, your bowel may be storing toxins. If earlier, nutrients may not be absorbed sufficiently. Feces are considered good if they are soft, wet and no mucus. If they are lumpy, they may stay in the colon for a long time. If they are harder, you may be constipated. Press on the inside of the left hip where feces are stored. If there is annoying breath, it’s the symptom of constipation. The intestine often re-creates itself per 5 days, so you should take advantage of this time to improve your digestion.

Treatment tips

To help the digestive system to operate at full capacity, do exercise regularly, drink much water and eat more fresh fruits, vegetables and grains. Eat more following foods: celery, broccoli, beans, raisins, avocado, white beans, brown rice, nut, honey, pepper, basil and tea.

Aging factor 2: Inflammation

Inflammation is a common reaction of the body for injuries, allergies or infections. However, when you get older, inflammation can be difficult to be controlled. Immune cells which are circulating in the blood vessels create more pressure changes in the body. Stimulating factors such as food additives, cleaning chemicals or stress can also cause inflammatory reaction worse. Your immune system becomes unbalanced, which leads to long infection, allergy, worse skin and aging signs appear. Sometimes, these immune cells also attack healthy cells, which cause autoimmunity. Studies show that inflammation is the major cause of wrinkles and muscle atrophy and diseases such as IBS, arthritis, diarrhea, body disorder and cancer.

Description: Inflammation


Symptoms of inflammation

Severe allergies, acnes, eczema, hives, rashes

Diarrhea, colitis, muscus on feces

Dry eyes, tired, deflated, dyspepsia

Eat at night

Headace, aching feet

Flu, infection, congestive

Joints are painful or stiff, skin is flabby and inelastic

Swelled hands and feet

Treatment tips

The immune system is started from the intestine, so if it is inflamed (symptoms: farting, bloating, new feces), the immune system can be disordered. To solve this problem, the diet is necessary. A study of overweight people admits that after a week eating the diet, their inflammation declines. You can also soothe the inflammation by reducing dietary sugar, flour, red meat and enhancing foods which can decrease inflammation and be rich of omega 3 fat acids such as asparagus, cabbage, potato, banana, pear, cod, kidney beans, cashew, tuna and olive oil.

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