Kick-start your mind and body for summer with this revitalizing one-day plan

Now’s the perfect time to spring clean your body, so you look and feel your best in time for summer. If you haven’t the time or money for a spa escape, this 24-hour energy booster is a perfect alternative. The plan is designed to recharge your body and mind, and leave you feeling calm, energized and raring to go.

Description: Get More Energy

The programme works in three ways. You eat powerful superfoods that cleanse you from the inside. A gentle stretching session, plus some tougher, will boost your lymphatic system, detoxify your body and get your endorphins racing. And natural DIY, beauty treatments will slough off dead skin, leaving you glowing with health.

To maximize the benefits of the programme, commit to it absolutely. Go through your diary, mark a day that’s good for you and stick to it. This is a special day that’s going to get you up and sprinting. If you feel guilty about devoting a day to yourself, remember that when you’re feeling tired, your family suffers. You’re doing them a favour by boosting your health and energy.

The benefits

Description: The diet and relaxation will alkalise your body

·         Free from the bombardment of stimulants, your body will be better able to expel toxins.

·         The diet and relaxation will alkalise your body, helping it to rejuvenate itself.

·         Sloughing off dead skin will invigorate your body, boost your circulation and help to shift toxins.

·         The facial treatment will soothe neck and head tension, bring blood to the skin’s surface and help remove dead skin.

·         The “mind” detox will deepen your awareness and help set achievable goals for the year.

What you need

Description: Facial masks

·         Total commitment!

·         Aromatherapy candles containing pure essential oils (try Plantlife Natural plantlife.net, and Aroma-pure, aroma-pure.com)

·         Epsom salts

·         Natural-fibre body brush

·         Facial masks, mud masks or cleansing exfoliating masks (or you can make your own from a few things in the kitchen, read on for more details)

·         Food. Gather together the vegetables, oats, spices and oils you’ll need for the recipes.

The programme

Step 1: Wake-up juice

Description: spicy lemon tonic

First thing in the morning, this spicy lemon tonic will get your liver going. The ginger will aid digestion, the lemon is alkalizing and your metabolism will love the cayenne.

·         1 lemon (peeled, but use the pith)

·         Thumbsize piece of root ginger, peeled

·         ¾ glass organic apple juice (if you can juice it from fresh apples, fabulous)

·         ¼ glass water

·         1 pinch cayenne pepper

·         2 tbsp olive oil, it cleanses the liver and makes the drink taste creamy

·         1 clove garlic (optional, but great for the immune system)

Whizz all the ingredients, for about four minutes, in a blender until smooth. Drink at once through a straw to protect your teeth. Try using a glass rather than plastic straw – plastic straws can contain BPAs linked to health disorders (you can buy glass straws from epjhealth.com)

Step 2: 10-minute stretch

Description: yoga moves

Try the following combination of stretches and yoga moves. Do them slowly and with thought. The idea is to feel your body gently loosening up.

·         Lie on the floor, gentle stretching your arms out above your head and hold for a count of 10. Relax. Then stretch your feet as if trying to touch the wall, hold for a count of 10. Stretch hands and feet together in opposite directions, and hold for a count of 10. Repeat once.

·         Pull your knees to your stomach and rock your pelvis from side to side. Rock five times to each side. 10 rolls in all.

·         Stand up, put your arms about the head, your biceps almost touching your ears. Swing your arms down, allowing your hands to swing behind you, then bring back to the starting position. Repeat 10 times.

·         Bend from the waist, allowing your hands to hang down. Hold your stomach in; keep your core strong. Hold your pose, pressing fingertips towards the floor (you may even touch the floor). After 30 seconds, slowly roll up to a standing position, feeling each vertebra as you go. Repeat once.

·         Stand straight with your tummy held tightly, bend your elbows so your hands are almost touching your shoulders. Turn your hands around your wrists: 10 times to the left, 10 times to the right.

·         Nod your head forward, chin towards your chest. Roll your head to the right, so your right ear goes towards your right shoulder. Roll your head gently backwards and round until your left ear is towards your left shoulder, then drop chin to chest. Repeat once. Change direction and repeat twice.

·         Arch your back and slowly curl your stomach in towards your spine. Hold to the count of 15 before releasing. Do this three times. When you’ve finished your stretches and feel fully awake and energized, move on to the next step.

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