You are wonder whether you are pregnant or not. You can pay attention to the following signs.

You are pregnant when sperm combines with ovum. But in the first month, most of the women are often hesitant whether they are pregnant or not. In about the first 3 months of pregnancy, change of hormone in body will make you have a lot of changes and if you spend time paying attention, you will recognize signs of being pregnant early.

To ensure that you are pregnant or not, you can pay attention to the following early signs!

Nausea and vomit

In pregnancy, nausea or morning sickness is one of uncomfortable signs. It can begin earliest when you are pregnant about 4-6 weeks and it also takes place any time in day, not only in morning. If you recognize that you want to nauseating or you are ill suddenly, it can be sign of pregnancy.

Nausea often takes place when you become pregnant from 4 to 6 weeks.

Nausea often takes place when you become pregnant from 4 to 6 weeks.


In the first weeks, you will feel tired because you don’t get acquainted with the state that your body has to work 24/7 to provide nutrients for fetus. Secreting more of progesterone hormone will make your body’s temperature increase and it will burn more energy. Your heart rate will also increase to ensure that it will provide enough oxygen for ovary. All of these things will lead to result that you will lose a lot of strength.

In the first weeks of pregnancy, you will have tired feeling.

In the first weeks of pregnancy, you will have tired feeling.

Breast is fully spread

Size of breast increases and this is one of the first signs of being pregnant. If you pay attention, you can feel that your breast is more painful than normal. However, all of these signs can be seen before menstrual period. If you hope to be pregnant, this is a hopeful sign.

Nipples has dark color

In pregnancy, change of hormone makes activities of cuticle cells disorder and it will create melanin on skin. As a result, nipples will become darker.

Urinating regularly

If you suddenly urinate more, this maybe an early sign that shows that you become pregnant. Phenomenon of urinating a lot can appear about 6 weeks after being pregnant and because of some elements. One of those elements is hormones of pregnancy. In addition, blood of body is more than before.

Vagina bleeds

After the time when ovum is fertilized about 6-12 days, you can be bled (its color is more colorless) a little. Actually, this thing isn’t harmful, but if you doubt or worry, you should let your doctor know in case it is a sign of another thing.

Change of mood

Strong change of hormone in body can make your mood change irregularly. You are bored and feel self-empty; however, you get furious or feel unpleasant. When you are familiar with your pregnant state, usual changes will disappear naturally.

At this time, you don’t need to base on any medical therapy to make this state stop. You should tell your husband about this thing so that he can sympathizes and share with you. This is the most important thing.

Feeling of tasteless mouth

You didn’t use to have habit of eating sour foods and ice-cream. However, in this time, you crave for sour foods and anything that can make you avoid feeling of tasteless mouth. This is early sign of being pregnant. This hobby can last during pregnancy.

In pregnancy, you can crave for some foods that can help you avoid tasteless mouth like ice-cream.

In pregnancy, you can crave for some foods that can help you avoid tasteless mouth like ice-cream.

Temperature of body increases

Change of temperature tends to be higher and it often takes place from the 6th to 10th day after ovum falls. If you follow your body’s temperature regularly or pay attention, you will recognize this sign.

Backache and headache

Some women often have backache and headache in the first time of pregnancy. This thing relates to fast development of progesterone hormone in body. In addition, lacking water can lead to fast decline of red blood cell in blood.

At this time, women should intensify daily amount of water and check the amount of red blood cell in blood. If you continue having headache, you should ask your doctors about using some kinds of medicine that are safe for pregnant women.

Slow menstruation

This is one of the general signs that give the signals of being pregnancy and it is popular to all of the women. If you become pregnant, you won’t see appearance of menstruation. However, some women bleed in pregnancy. This thing takes place in a short time and it is less than normal.

Testing urine or testing positive blood

In the middle of the first month in pregnancy (it means that you have slow menstruation about 1-2 weeks), you can define that you become pregnant due to testing blood or urine. These 2 kinds of experiments are due to the amount of HCG hormone that appears in body in pregnancy.

The simple way to do is testing urine at home with testing stick that is sold at drugstores. The most expensive kind isn’t surely the best one. You should use kind that has brand name or your acquaintance or friend believe and use. You should test in the morning after waking up and this is the time when HCG gains the highest threshold. You should buy 2 kits of testing stick. You are in the early period of pregnancy and incorrect result can take place. The best way is that you should repeat experiment and then you compare result.

To make experiment with blood, you should go to a pregnancy clinic. Testing blood to find HCG hormone will bring exact result so that you can feel secure for period of being pregnant in 9 months.

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