Prepare nutritional food

Description: Prepare nutritional food

Though most detoxication methods do not force you to cook, but having knowledge of some main methods also help you much. If cereal or fabaceae are included in your favorite menu, do not hesitate to cook them into delicious disks and enjoy them in your meal. For salad, vitamin, fruit juice, or vegetable for nosh, clean and cut them. If you do anything related to cooking recipe, take advantage of it to bear nutritional foods.

Control your mood

Description: Control your mood

Detoxication process can bring different feelings. It can be a sultry and annoyed mood when you recognize that you have got rid of the suspicion about yourself. ‘Sometimes, those who really get addicted to caffeine, sugar, chocolate, wine, cheese, and some other substances, feel that it is difficult for them to get rid of the addiction, and are easy to fall into boring, surly mood and lose energy. However, once they get rid of that period, they will be happy because of managing to escape from the addiction’, analyzes Freston. At this time, to maintain a leisurely mood, the simple method is still supplying sufficient water for body such as filtered water, herbal tea, and vegetable juice – especially in the morning when the body needs more water, and in the evening.

Eating moderately is also a big matter during detoxication. This is the thing often missed due to bad mood. Freston says, ‘you should not feel hungry during detoxication process. If you are really hungry, eat something since you have a lot of nutritional foods to choose.’ Besides, do not forget to exercise regularly. Activities supporting heart like jogging can secrete endorphin to make you feel comfortable, while relaxing sports such as yoga help release stress. Sleep much and take note very day of your favorite secrets of detoxication.

Control your desire

Description: Control your desire

‘When your habit of eating nosh rises and you desire a cup of latte blended with caramel, quickly replace it by a fine black chocolate bar’, according to Nicole Egenberger, N.D, doctor of natural therapy. You can also drink herbal tea or lemonade made from stevia to satisfy your desire for sweet food and drink. Get accustomed to eating nutritional noshes, and remember that eating before being hungry will make you feel more delicious. Reardon advises you to eat little sweet and dry foods such as mango, 1 ounce of peanut, and a tiny unpolished rise cake so as to have a snack before going somewhere.

Another advice from Ann Carey Tobin, M.D, pharmacist at Delmar, NY, is that ‘breath therapy can bring high efficiency.’ She encourages us to breathe in therapy attar such as grape smell so as to concentrate easily and relax, create delicious feeling when you eat. Besides, do not devalue the effect of entertaining interest such as playing with your puppy pet, calling your closed friends, reading books or magazines, which make you easily forget harmful habit. According to Haas, lust often disappears after the third day, so after that you do not need to maintain complex advice any more.

Schedule for detoxication

Description: Schedule for detoxication

Although detoxication does not take so much of your time, save time to make schedule for it in handbook at your free time. Beginning the process at weekends is often easier – Carr shares – since you are hardly distracted and have plenty of time to prepare for eating behavior. If you go on a trip, bring some prepared foods (Freston suggests some things such as a bag of peanuts, Granny Smith apples or pears, packed vegetables, herbal tea, vegan protein and flour to make drinks that origin from plants), a water jug to take water at stream or some café after finishing custom check. Many places, including train station and Starbucks shop, sell bottled vegetable juice, fresh salad or fruit containing little sugar such as apple and juicy fruit, all of which are nutritional travelling foods.

If your detoxication habit is not suitable for living community, try to find available things, ‘order a disk of delicious salad with oil and vinegar, and it absolutely does not contain any dairy product.’ ‘When attending parties, avoid make the holders confused by telling them that you are excuting body cleaning process, but take note that eating one to two pieces of banned foods is not an action to damage the detoxication process,’ says Freston. Tobin also adds that ‘try to complete detoxication process as fast as possible, but do not do anything that makes you regret.’ Eating a whole cake in your brother’s webding day is unacceptable, but just eating a small piece of the cake and a few gulps of red wine is still acceptable. Try to focus on the big benefits of detoxication, and you will be successful.

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