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I'm sure you agree that when we talk about going green, we talk about reducing our carbon footprint, conserving energy as well OS making use of cleaner energy, among other things. What the experts are asking is for us to take responsibility for our carbon footprint and take control of how we use and expend energy. As you may well know, your body is energy. Your thoughts and the meanings you associate have a direct effect on your body. You radiate your energy and others experience your energy through what you say and what you do. You can measure your mental carbon footprint. On a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 means you are dead and 10 means you are unstoppable, how do you feel most of the time? The lower the score, the higher your carbon footprint. A score of six or lower means that the emotions you experience most of the time range from frustration, anger, depression to fear. A score of seven or higher is indicative of emotions like acceptance, appreciation, love, joy, happiness, tolerance, gratitude, etc. How we feel is a barometer of what we think about.

Description: Dina Marais. For self-coaching visit www.CoachingSelf.com

Dina Marais. For self-coaching visit www.CoachingSelf.com

Reduce your mental carbon footprint:

  •  What would you like your score to be most of the time?
  • What states do you choose to be in to achieve that?
  •  What thoughts would you focus on to support these states?
  • What do you now believe about your ability to be in control of your mental carbon footprint?
  • How would others experience your energy with you operating from these thoughts, beliefs and states?
  • What does that open up for you now?


The fastest growing group of internet daters is the over-60 group. This generation is also more likely to be honest in their online profile, be more discreet and more interested in compatibility, reports a study conducted by the Bowling Green State University in Ohio, USA.

Creative and moody?

Creative people (such as writers, artists, designers and poets), are considered to be more at risk of mood disorders than those in more lineal pursuits. According to the American Psychological Association, some studies reveal that those with certain mental conditions, such as depression and mood disorders are naturally drawn to being creative, while other researchers have found that artistic people are 30% more likely to have bipolar disorder.

However not all studies found a link and further investigation needs to be done in this regard before any firm conclusion can be made. Dr Deborah Legge, a licensed mental health counselor in Buffalo, New York, said in an interview with CBS News that; "Depression is not uncommon to those who are drawn to work in the arts, and then the lifestyle contributes to it."

By The Numbers

Glamour.com's 2012 survey of 1000 men asked what their greatest fear is - their response:

Poverty: 36%

Death: 23%

Failing at work: 13%

Never finding love: 13%

Speaking in public: 10%

Commitment: 5%

"Who reigns behind the wheel?

Women may be slower to park, but they are rated as better at positioning themselves within the parking space. The NCP parking report, conducted by a parking operator in the UK, surveyed 2 500 drivers. The researchers found that while women take on average 21 seconds to park, compared to 16 seconds for men, 53% percent of women parked more centrally within the parking space, compared to a quarter of the men. Plus, 56% of women are more likely to reposition their vehicle if they are skew, compared to 29% of men. The deliberate nature of woman drivers meant that they were more likely to spot an open parking or parking opportunity, compared to men, who are more likely to attempt to park in a smaller parking space. Sadly, the report also found that women spend on average 12 days of their life parking, compared to nine days for men.

Description: Women behind the wheel

"Who reigns behind the wheel?

Fast fact:

People are more likely to be hurt by lies they are told via text, than to their face, reveals a new study lead by Wichita State University Business School's David Yu and researchers from The Sauder School of Business at The University of British Columbia. This is because body text is stripped of emotion and body language, which is believed to magnify the depth of pain or deceit.

Loved Up

According to the recently released results of Durex's global survey, 79% of women and 62% of men say they believe the emotional side of sex (feeling loved, respected and the intimacy that comes with this) is more important for women than men. Almost 89% say that sex brings them closer to their partner emotionally. And 87% of the South African women surveyed say they do feel loved during these intimate moments. The findings of the survey reveal that while SA men seem to be getting it right, there is still room for improvement and the overall message coming through, is that neither partner should neglect the emotional side of the relationship.

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