“Learn about natural sweet which is not packed by green, red or yellow wrapping in stores but it contains full nutrition.”

Description: natural sweet

You can choose natural sweet which are more nutritional to bring many advantages to your health.

Are you searching for an ideal dish for afternoon snack?

You can enjoy the afternoon snack by low-nutrition white sugar or artificial sweeteners, or you can choose alternative natural foods which are more nutritional to bring many advantages to your health – for example, lowering cholesterol or supply necessary iron for your body. There are some nutritious sweet that you can select below.

Agave Nectar

Description: Light Sweet Agave Nectar

Extracted from the agave (the plant making tequila), this kind of syrup is considered as a caramel containing more calories than regular sugar and sweetness over 25%, so you can relish the sweet as you want with a little bit of this syrup. In addition, agave juice is able to support the bowel well because it consists of much fiber called prebiotic which helps to nourish bacteria which is good for your gut.

How to make: Drizzle a little agave syrup on fermented yogurt to stimulate the ferment and make yogurt more delicious. Agave syrup also goes well with drinks (from coffee to cocktails) because they are easy to dissolve. When cooking, you can use ¾ cup of agave syrup for a cup of sugar.

Mixture of Stevia

Description: Mixture of Stevia

It is extracted from Stevia of South America, no calories sugar and 100% pure. Although there are more than 200-300% of sweetness compared to sugar but Stevia doesn’t raise glucose amount in blood and it is non-toxic as when you eat a teaspoon of white sugar.

How to make: Some brands have licorice aftertaste, so you can freely try tastes you like. When you cook, you use that mixture to take place of sugar; ½ cup of sugar will be replaced by 3 ½ spoons of Stevia. If you want to make sweet taste for pastry, cover the surface with a spoon Stevia, a spoon of cereal grains and a teaspoon of cinnamon.


Description: Honey

Honey is considered as essential food in the kitchen with a high content of antioxidants and good effects to heart and hip: according to a survey, a person who absorbs 10 teaspoons of honey everyday per month will decrease the amount of cholesterol to 3.3% in normal or losing weight condition.

How to make: There are more than 300 types of processed honey – from blueberries to buckwheat. Darker honey will be more nutritious and delicious. You can use lot kinds of honey to eat with cheese or squash. If you use honey while cooking, try ½ cup of honey to substitute for a cup of sugar, use ¼ cup of concentrated liquid and ¼ teaspoon of honey when you mix them with baking powder (as Heidi Swanson – the author of Super Natural Cooking)

Blackstrap molasses

Description: Blackstrap molasses

A special teaspoon of molasses – a product which results from sugar cane process – contains 15% of daily iron demand of a premenopausal woman and provides vitamin B6, magnesium, calcium and antioxidants more than any natural sugars.

How to make: David Grotto – the author of 101 Foods Could Save Your Life recommends to add some teaspoon of molasses while stewing beans. When cooking, you can coordinate molasses with other natural sugar to reduce its acid taste. Use 1 ½ cup of molasses to replace a cup of sugar, 1/3 cup with a spoon of concentrated liquid and 1 cup when you mix it with baking powder.

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