Eating a lot is not the only reason causing weight increase, there’re many others that you might not know.

Does eating is the only reason causing fast weight increase? The followings are reason why your weight increases so fast that you can’t estimate.

Weight increase, why?

Weight increase, why?

Genetic matter

Genetic matter is one of the reasons causing fast increase in weight that you might not know. Gene affects not only on the metabolism of the body, but also on your shape. That’s because it can affect your appetite. If your body has a great percent of fat, you can gain weight more easily than others despite the fact that you don’t eat as much as they do.   


The pituitary gland in brain has the ability to produce hormones to stimulate the thyroid gland. After being stimulated, the thyroid gland will produce other hormones to control the metabolism. If the thyroid gland do it job well, the metabolism will be smooth; otherwise, it’ll badly affect the metabolism, for example: it’ll cause metabolic disorders or slower metabolism.

Weight increase is not because of eating much.

Weight increase is not because of eating much.

Once it is affected, its ability to burn the energy of the body will get worse, the excessive fat that isn’t burn will store in places and make you put on weight. Therefore, you should take regular medical exams to detect the latent factor that cause fast weight increase.

Lacking water

Water is one of the main sources that provide energy to the body. Water helps lubricate body’s parts in order to help them perform their functions well, especially the brain. Without water, the brain’s activities will depend a lot on glucose which is provided by blood. After that, glucose will be converted to sugar and the excess amount of sugar will become lipid. The lipid remaining will lead to obesity. For that reason, lacking water of the body is one of the reasons causing fast weight increase. So, don’t let your body gain weight because of lacking water. Drink water, even when you have no thirst.

Toxic accumulation

Vegetables and fruits can detoxify your body.

Vegetables and fruits can detoxify your body.

In daily life, activities, acts, eating and drinking can make an amount of toxic products (from the environment or foods) remains in your body. These toxic products can destroy the metabolism and badly affect the functions of organs, making them unable to do their jobs well.

A fair amount of toxic products that remain in the body will cause hormonal disorder, which leads to the accumulation of excessive fat manly in belly, the behind and makes your weight increase fast. The best way to get rid of the toxic products is eating foods that can detoxify the body like vegetables, fruits…

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