Hygiene care is a primary thing in reproductive health care. You should see a doctor every 6 months.

To pregnant women, hygiene care plays a great role in reproductive health care. It’s the primary thing and can’t be replaced.

This post will give you information about what to and not to do, what should be avoided so that you can be healthy, young and charming.

Hygiene care is a primary thing in reproductive health care.

Hygiene care is a primary thing in reproductive health care.

Things that you should do when you’re in periods

Using feminine hygiene solution

Blood that is excreted in periods is a suitable environment for bacteria to develop. In this case, inflammation tends to happens. For this reason, you need to use feminine hygiene solution like: Gynofar, Lactacyd FH... by follow the steps which are diluting 10 ml feminine hygiene solution with 400ml boiled water, use it twice a week, once in the morning and the other in the evening.

Eating healthily

You should provide yourself with protein which is mainly from animals, such as pork, beef, pig’s heart, liver and kidneys, eggs, milk and rich-calcium foods that are helpful to the hemostatic and coagulation process. Additionally, you have to provide yourself with sugar, fat, mineral salt, vitamins and fibers.

Using vitamins and other necessary medicine in addition

In the days of menstruation, you need to provide yourself with iron daily by taking an iron pill after the meal in order to prevent anemia. Besides, calcium is also necessary in this period of time because it helps the hemostatic and coagulation processes go well, which prevents you from losing too much blood. You should take 2 pills a day and 1 Calci - D each.

Use vitamins and other necessary medicine in addition

Use vitamins and other necessary medicine in addition

To the male teenager and women that are breastfeeding, it’s necessary for them to be provided with vitamin A, about 50.000UI-100.000UI per month, in order to support the body’s development; you should have little cooking oil when taking vitamin A because the vitamin is dissolve in the oil and absorbed into the body.

Women who are middle-aged or over should absorb calcium and Omega 3, 6, 9 elements that help protect the cardiovascular, stimulate immune system and reduce the risks of inflammation, also help the body develop healthily. Use a pill a day.

While having sex, the inflammation possibility is high because the vaginal mucosa, the vulvar vestibular and the external urethral orifice are jarring. The virus has chances to go to the inside the vagina and to the cervix and cause inflammation. Clean the vagina and take a pee after having sex will prevent viruses from having chances to develop and cause inflammation.

Especially, if you have sex for having babies, you should get cleanup after 6-8 hours.

Doing breast self-examination daily

Breast examination is an important step in order to detect the breast abnormal, such as tumor, nipple secretion, sores or breast shrinkage. All of the abnormalities is able to be detected when you do self-examination.

Do breast self-examination daily

Do breast self-examination daily

You should do self-examination after the periods end because at that time, breast tissues are soft and have no erection so that you the exams more easily. Sit in front of a mirror, observe the breasts when doing movements which are raising 2 arms over the head or putting hands behind the hips. Use a hand to lightly turn the nipples by clockwise while raising the other one up highly. After that, you can lie on your back and make the breast examination.

Having vaccination to prevent cervical cancer makes good effects on people who are vaccinated.

Taking early cervical cancer examinations

Cervical cancer is popular in female. Taking cervical cancer examination early can increase the opportunities of completely removing cervical cancer, which is a big step of the medicine. Therefore, in the reproductive health care, taking the examination by testing cervical cells in order to detect the harmful cells in the early stage is very meaningful. Women should take recurrent medical examinations and cells tests every 6 months can ensure the health and reproductive health of yours.

At present, there’re vaccines to prevent cervical cancer for female from 12-28 years old. We should have vaccination so that we can reserve our health.

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