In an industry full of young, great-looking actresses, it is important for cougars to work hard to look and feel just as great as the young actresses around them. Due to their age however, doing this has become more difficult than it was when they were younger.

However, we still see a lot of cougars in Hollywood who, despite their age and the competition, have managed to stay relevant and successful. One good example is Jennifer Aniston. She's been around in TV shows and movies for many years now, yet we still see her with great physique, good overall looks, very much active in cougar dating and more importantly, more movies for her to star in. Clearly, Jennifer Aniston is nowhere near done in the business, and this can be attributed to her staying in great shape despite her age. So how does she do it?

Her Fitness Routine

Staying fit is no walk in the park. Especially women who are closing in on their forties or those already in that stage of their lives. For women in such a predicament, incorporating Jennifer Aniston's workout ethic can indeed help make it possible.

Jennifer Aniston constantly works on keeping her body fit. She works out 6 days every week, and ends her days with a few stretches and sit-ups. Keeping this up takes determination and discipline, so if you wish to follow Jennifer's routine, be sure you have both to start off.

Once you've gained the determination and discipline you need to pull it off, it's now time to learn what her workout routine is comprised of. To start with, knowing that women of this age bracket are bound to be busy bodies, it is important to have a workout plan that doesn't require too much time to pull off on a nearly daily basis. Aniston does equipment-free exercise routines at the beginning of her day. This works for busy women because they won't have to leave work just to hit the gym. If the morning is too hectic a time to exercise, then schedule them in the evening. Great equipment-free exercises include yoga, lunges, crunches, stretches, and squats, among other things.

Aniston also puts emphasis on the importance of strength training. Through strength training, muscle mass is increased, thus giving more shape to your body. Strength training twice a week is enough for you to get your desired results, and you can go with weights, Pilates, or resistance bands for your equipment-free strength training routine.

Her Diet

Working out is just part of the equation, based on what Jennifer Aniston does to keep her body fit and in shape. The food you eat defines you, thus it is important to know what the right kinds of food are for you if you want to stay fit.

Start with omega-3-rich foods. You can get this from fish, flaxseeds and their oils, and nuts. This is to be added to your meals at least twice a week. Omega-3 has always been known to be good for the heart, but many do not know that foods rich in omega-3 are great for weight control, as well as keeping your hair and skin in good condition.

For your daily meals, it would be good to start your day off with a few servings of fruits such as watermelons. This is what Aniston starts her day with, followed by soup with greens such as spinach for lunch, or a blend of almonds, ground pumpkin, garlic glove, ginger, zucchini, onions, a few other things, and lemon juice. She then ends her day with dinner which normally comprises of seaweed salad, or a blend of garlic clove, sea salt, olive oil, and lemon juice, on top of a salad made up of tomatoes, onions, and chopped parsley.

According to Aniston, it would also be good to try a 40:30:30 zone diet, which means you eat 40 parts of carbohydrates, 30 parts of fats, and 30 parts protein for your every meal.The most important thing to keep in mind when on a strict diet such as this, according to Aniston, is that you must learn to love your food. Hence, it is important for you to learn to love the food you'll be eating throughout your diet, or you can replace other items with those that you love but have the same amount of the needed nutrients. Doing this makes it easier for you to stick to your diet plan.

Staying in shape isn't as easy as some people claim it to be. Many have tried and have failed, but seeing the likes of Jennifer Aniston, still flaunting a firm, sexy body despite being in her 40's, you know you have a chance. If inspiration is a problem, why not look up to Jennifer Aniston? She is after all, one of the sexiest cougars in Hollywood today.

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