Salt could be a really good flavour enhancer but the thing is it may not be the most healthy flavour enhancer in the world. With a lot of health organizations advising on limiting the salt usage day after day, it may not be so wise to add a lot of salt to your daily consumption because that could lead to serious complications in the long term.

So before you stretch your hand to the salt shaker to flavour your favourite food, take some time to think about alternatives. The following section of this article contains a number of high protein, heart healthy recipes that are well flavoured with herbs and very low on unnecessary fat and excessive salt. Don’t worry the absence of salt hardly does any damage and you don’t have to worry the least about sacrificing the taste. Seasoning like thyme and mint can make your food taste simply amazing and add a lot of vitamins and nutrients to the food.

So let’s start with number one,Greek chicken is an amazing food and it tastes simply great and could make you sound loud out of joy. Grilled chicken if you roughly take contains about 25 grams of protein per palm sized piece of meat. The excellent flavour comes from the addition of thyme and rosemary and there is hardly any salt at all. Rosemary if you take is rich in folic acid as well as in vitamins like vitamin A and C; these vitamins have proven very effective in easing muscle pain and problems with digestion. With just one tablespoon of this sweet smelling herbs contain nearly five percent of the daily recommended dose of iron for an adult. If you take thyme for example, it is very rich in vitamin B and it also contains vitamins like vitamin A, C, K and E which could help relieve gas, help lower cholesterol and reduce fever.

Rosemary marinated salmon is another tasty food that and if you are thinking about fish, what better option than salmon? The fish could be really high in omega-3 fats and can be really high in EPA and DHA. Just with four ounces you could obtain the healthy fats that average food may take days to deliver. Salmon also helps reduce inflammation, improve vision and vastly improve cognitive function and then greatly improves your focus and other thing in your day to day tasks. These fish oils also help improve conditions like ADHD and could enhance life by a great deal. Also the presence of vitamin D and Selenium is known to be effective in reducing the cancer risk. This again is flavoured with rosemary and it strengthens the immune system against diseases and because it has a very high folic acid composition, it could greatly help in detoxifying the liver.

Provencal chicken strips are also another delight that you could add to your healthy eating life cycle which is once again very rich on protein and at the same time has very less carbs and fats. This is absolutely delicious if you want to try it and flavoured with rosemary once again.

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