The changes to the dental field have made oral health less of a scar notion and more of a blissful haven for proper oral health. Visits for children and adults alike are much easier thanks to a combination of advances of dental education, patient care, and technology. For children and adolescents in particular, dental visits are lauded as more of a day out than as a punishment to be endured. The changes are seen in both parents and children alike.

Though you are an adult now, try thinking back to when your parents took you to visit the dentist. Chances are not only was it scary, but was painful regardless of the procedure involved. Thankfully things have changed a lot in the 21 century so that the treatment offered by modern dentist alleviates anxiety and stress involved with oral care appointments. Changes and innovation in pediatric dentistry has been evidenced first by the surroundings encounter upon arrival to the office. Several offices are equipped with colorful rooms, themes dental chambers, theatrically shaped patient chairs and even television sets ensconced in the ceilings.

Along with fanciful décor, the advances in treatment have removed the need for fear when visiting the dentist. Like most dentist, pediatric dentist believe in maintaining as much of the tooth structure when performing any type of restoration or procedure. This is known as pediatric dentistry that is minimally invasive. The materials now used in fillings such as composite resins that make it possible to remove only the decay in the tooth, that too in conjunction with lasers which makes for pain free, fear free visits.

Pain is easily associated with dentistry; the new trend among most offices is advertising their services as pain free. If you think about it, the actual procedure there is no pain, but people fear the pain of the numbing injection. There is a new tool used in many pediatric offices that has the ability to block the pain of the injection. The actual device resembles a toothbrush and is applied to the gum as the injection is given effectively removing the fear and pain in one swoop. This is a great advancement not only for pediatric dentistry, but also a great help for frazzled parents everywhere.

There are also many other new advancements in the pediatric and general dental field that offer a range of benefits. Advancements such as:

Diagnosis by laser - This laser is able to detect cavities and the grooves of teeth without pain or need for x-rays. This is perfect for smaller children who may not sit still for long, or those who are fearful of large machinery.

Digital X-ray - This is the same as a regular scan, with only ten percent of the radiation. To top it off, the image is stored in a computer which allows for instant referencing.

Invisible braces - Straight teeth are not only healthy, but also a part of the social structure that surround adolescents and pediatric patients. They are often easier to wear, and are less noticeable than other alignment options.

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