If you want to have a baby in the year of Snake, you should not miss the following foods.

Description: Prepare for pregnancy

Prepare for pregnancy

1.     Royal jelly

Royal Jelly is rich in vitamins B, E, H, oxydaza ferment, cholinesteraza, photphataza, yeast metabolism of amino acids, organic acids; and small quantity elements such as calcium, copper, iron, phosphorus, potassium, silicon, and sulfur to help support weak sperms increase the rate of fertility to give better embryo development.

For women, the royal jelly also helps to improve the weak endocrine system and health support. A lot of people after IVF (In vitro fertilization) have used more royal jelly to assist in conceiving quickly.

Although the royal jelly has the slightly unpleasant smell, but if you drink a spoonful of it every morning together with a cup of warm water, you will be able feel more comfortable. You should invite your husband to drink it regularly to have a baby quickly.

Description: Smart food choices help you have the happy news fast.

Smart food choices help you have the happy news fast.

2.     Soybeans or tofu

Soybean or tofu containing isoflavones and herbal compounds helps to regulate the reproductive hormones and stimulate ovulation. However, the soybean is just fine with women, but not with men. If men want to have a baby quickly, it is the best way that they should stop drinking and eating the types of foods from soybeans for 3 months prior to conception.

3.     Seafood

The seafood dishes such as fishes, shrimps, clams, oysters… help the reproductive system to work better. In addition, the seafood containing large amounts of zinc helps to produce better eggs, and increase libido.

Using the fish oil in this time is also very good thanks to omega 3 and omega 6 that help to regulate the reproductive health and improve the quality and speed of sperms.

4.     Beef

Beef containing a lot of zinc has a positive effect on the reproduction of both sexes. Zinc helps to balance the male hormone and increase the quantity and quality of sperms. As for women, zinc affects the production of eggs, increasing the chances of conception.

In addition to beef, you can use more red meat such as goat and buffalo meat that is also great for adding zinc to the body.

5.     Butters

The rich source of vitamin E in avocados helps to protect the females’ eggs. In addition, the unsaturated fat in this type of fruit will increase the ability of conception. You should use the avocado juice, salad butter in your daily meals if you want to have a child quickly.

6.     Groundnuts

As well as the use of butter, peanuts, cashew nuts, or sunflower seeds will help to support the good reproductive process since containing vitamin E and the unsaturated fat.

7.     Garlics

Although it has an unattractive scent, you should not miss the stir-fry dishes with the garlic. This food containing a lot of selenium helps the sperm development and reduces the risk of miscarriage. Vitamin B6 in the garlic also helps to regulate female hormones.

8.     Olive oil

Vitamin E is the dose to support treatment, prevention of miscarriage and menstrual disorders. The regular use of the olive oil in salads every day will help you to conceive fast. In addition, you can use the sesame oil is also an abundant supply of vitamin E.

9.     Sprouts

Green sprouts have enough nutrients, especially vitamins C and E to help strengthen the female hormones, help women to have the beautiful skin, slow the aging process as well as boost fertility in women.

10.  Pineapples

Manganese in pineapples plays a role of creating the reproductive hormones. It is often difficult for women to conceive if they lack manganese. However, pineapples should not be used regularly if you are pregnant because it may cause miscarriage.

Description: Try to do exercise more often; reduce stress at work to have a baby quickly.

Try to do exercise more often; reduce stress at work to have a baby quickly.



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