Weight Loss Surgery

Description: Weight Loss Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery

Many documents have mentioned the effects of obesity on health and life quality. In the past decades, we have checked a large number of patients that have been on a surgeon or tried to find ways so as to keep a good body. These patients are often divided into two groups. The first one includes patients that have ever been on a weight loss surgery such as stomach ligation. The second one includes patients completing weight loss program by dieting and exercising, sometimes thanks to medicine’s support basing on strict supervision of doctors specializing in health. In both cases, the results of weight loss process are showed considerably with equivalent effects.

Though turning back to perfect weight, later symptoms such as flabby skin, badly-elastic muscle, and aged sign have prevented the patients recognizing changes in their appearance. I told patients who were on a weight loss surgery that there were three things the surgeons control in any treatment – these are: object of treatment, time of treatment, and method of treatment. If it is a weight loss surgery, the questions above need supervised strictly in order to get the expected results.

Object of treatment

Patients taking weight loss by medicines will feel an improvement in the treatment process, but they still have to face the symptom of diabetes or blood pressure gain. And, certainly, we always want these symptoms to be well-controlled. For patients taking weight loss by surgery, everything becomes more complex. They have to put up with problems of metabolism such as electrolyte imbalance or anemia that need treating for a long time after surgery. Therefore, I also have to coordinate with main surgeons so as to get the best results for patients.

Time of treatment

Time of treatment depends on patients’ requirements or desires such as the last weight, body size, and clothing size. We have different answers about treatment time basing on body size and height. Patients that are considered to be ready for entering the pre-surgery stage when they about to get their desired weight and have had stable weight for a few months without efforts to lose weight.

Method of treatment

Patients taking weight loss often have many inquiries for all body problems: from stomach, chest, to arms and face. Types of treatment method such as stomach ligation, body lift, bust lift, arm and thigh lift and liposuction are considered optimal solutions to prevent signs of gravity, age, and weight loss. Patients have to notice that these treatment types have to be carried out in a long time period with complex stages. A successful surgery depends on the amount of weight loss and the area to take liposuction.

In the discussion, Dr. Rumalla will study these above questions and plan to treat according to your requirements. Also, patients often wonder of insurance company’s role in treatment process. They usually consider the amount of compensation if there is any problem for a body part, and sometimes pay for panniculectomy. In this discussion, we will also suggest surgery plan and give you the most precise price as well as help you prepare psychology before surgery. I hope that all patients will have smooth surgery, and I will contact with surgeon to get the next steps of treatment for you.

Body Sculpting using SmartLipo technology

I have performed liposuction surgery for a few times, and discuss its advantages as well as disadvantages almost every day. Impacts of sun, time, gravity, pregnancy, and sudden weight loss and gain are the reasons for damaging body. So, liposuction surgery is considered an effective tool to eliminate fat that is difficult to disappear. The main function of liposuction surgery is to eliminate fat, but when combined with high heat, patient’s skin will be quite easy to dry. Therefore, I encourage using FAD’s new laser technology with body sculpting using Smartlipo to increase my treatment effect.

Areas suitable for this technology are the ones previously difficult to access by normal surgery such as chin, buttocks, arms, inner and outer thigh layers, stomach, side and backbone. Smartlipo body sculpting’s potentials are showed through:

·         More effective laser liposuction

·         Checks on skin freezing

·         Assure and control steady energy apportion

·         Reduce surgery time compared to normal liposuction surgery

·         Reduce blood bleeding and bruising

·         Better liposuction ability

Description: After taking SmartLipo body sculpting

After taking SmartLipo body sculpting

I often use SmartLipo technology to support surgery process of fat absorption as a high-grade technology in surgery at Southlake so as to keep a pasteurized environment during surgery. Surgery process can be performed with light pain-killer or anesthetic. I often have a group of experienced anesthetists to make sure that you feel comfortable and safe.

As other times, Dr. Rumalla often suggests some advice to build weight loss surgery plan that is suitable for you, and explains thoroughly benefits and risks during the whole process. Especially, patients will soon recognize that SmartLipo technology is noteworthy and affordable since at current we have some special financial incentives for patients joining the surgery using this technology.

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