Article 1: I ditched my Funk-food Habit

Joann Ysip used to have a disease called ‘eating because of stress’ 11 years ago when her 8-year-old son Logan contracted epilpepsy sysndrome. She shares, ‘I was so worried that I was sick every time my son’s disease got serious. Logan has been contracting autism since he was 3, and his epilpepsy was getting so worse and worse that he had to be hospitalized. At that time, food was the only thing assuring me. I ate at once a hamburger, a big potato serving, and a lot of chicken balls.’  Before that, Joann had gained 66 pounds.

Description: I ditched my Funk-food Habit and Eat foods containing good carbs

I ditched my Funk-food Habit and Eat foods containing good carbs

The turning point makes her change was 7 years ago, when her periodic health result concluded that she was contracting seious diabetes and high blood pressure. At that time, she burnt into tears and said, ‘Logan needs taking care of 24/24, I will not be able to look after him if I am sick.’ And right after that, Joann began her weight loss strategy, she came home and walked in 20 minutes.

Joann’s wieght loss plan was started by throwing all fast foods and replacing them with nutritional foods such as grilled salmon or boiled calabrese. She says, ‘it was one more time in my life that I began a balanced nutrition regime, I no longer eat munchies.’ Joann balances portions by measuring nutrition components and reading food magazines. Also, she keeps her body fit in daily exercise schedule by doing aerobic when Logan stills sleeps. She adds, ‘to avoid gaining weight, I try to eat canned soup and bottled water during my exercise.’

After losing 10 pounds, Joann felt confident enough to come to the gym. She says, ‘I wake up at 3.30 a.m., eat a bowl of oat gruel, and go to the health club.’ As a resutt, not only has Joann lost 76 pounds, but she has also managed to kep the sugar content in bood and stable blood pressure for 2 years doing exercise.

Currently, Joann has moderate diet and exercise that helps her have enough health to take care of her family. ‘I am very healthy and full of energy, and now I can become the greatest mom for Logan,’ says she.

Here are her secrets

Exercise with movements good for heart in 60 minutes per time, 6 times per week, and strength movements in 45 minutes per time, 4 times per week.

1.    Snack with fresh fruits

Description: Snack with fresh fruits

  Every time my desire of sweet rises, I usually eat a piece of cake with apple, pear, or grape taste that brings complete satisfaction.

  2.    Eat foods containing good carbs

Pure wheat pasta and unpolished rice are ideal choices. It is not only as good as common rice and noodles, but also contains many necessary nutrients.

3.    Disseminate information

I always post quotes rich in spirit to encourage friends to go on a diet and exercise industriously.

  4.    Show achievement in front of people

One of the purposes of doing exercise is to have a fit body, so I often buy tigh clothes to honour my legs and curve.

5.    Get enough sleep

Description: Get enough sleep

A sound sleep is a main factor that helps us become healthy. On the day I when do not get enough sleep, I feel that I cannot exercise much and have a tendency to desire munchies more.

6.    Listen to music

I update my song list every week. When listening to fast melody songs in top 40, I feel more excited in the gym.

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