Article 2: Game Plan for Girls’ Night Out

A healthy life and schedule with friends – two things that sounds far different from each other, but they can still be combined harmouniously if you know how to do it.

I always like to go out with friends to enjoy happy dinners and drinking. We often drank some glasses of margaritas, tortilla potato with guac, and one big serving of enchiladas together. Then, we went to the bar to sip cocktail. It used to be a very happy moment with many attractive foods, so when I decided to go on a diet and lose weight, my biggest worry was that I would no longer join such parties. ‘Do I have to barter my dynamic social life?’

Description: You In Shape, Get Inspire!

‘It is not completely like that,’ answers my nutritionist Keri Gans. She insists with me that with just some simple secrets, I can control my diet without any influence or pressure from friends when they enjoy delicious and fragrant nachos. In fact, I can both eat out every day and ensure my healthy diet.

My first strategy is ordering salad (with flat sauce covered above) right after I sit at the table. By this way, I can devourly eat salad while my friends comfortably have potato or bread. Besides, vegetables make me full quickly, and eat less in main disks. In main disks, I still freely eat what I like such as fajitas chicken provided that I told the cook to take out fat components like cheese or sour icecream. At my favorite Italian restaurant, Keri advised me to order fish or half serving of Spaghetti with vegetabes. When feeling full, I will tell waiter to clear my leftovers so that I will not eat the remains unconsciously.

Description: Vegetables make me full quickly, and eat less in main disks.

Vegetables make me full quickly, and eat less in main disks.

For keeping fit with drinks, Keri advises me to get rid of sugary drinks since they make me difficultly resist sweet foods after that, and brings bad effect even during the next day. Previously, in order to find some thing to drink for dinner, I usually appointed with my girl friends to drink wine at an India buffet restaurant. We often got drunk, and exercising to keep fit after that is an illusive thing. But at current, I have solution. To replace glasses of margaritas blended with pure vodka, I carry out an ideologic struggle. In stead of justifying for social relationships so as to be lazy doing gym, I consider it as a motivation to exercise more industriously on the next day to burn more energy. It is this ideologic argreement that make me restrain myself and stop at the limit of 2 glasses. Any way, the purposes of such parties are friends and fun, not food and drink. Now, I really feel happy when going out with my close friends without caring about what we will eat or drink.

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