Article 3: I feel sexy again

After ending the main role in the Peepshow performance at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas in 2009, Holly Madison was confident that with acting schedule as 5 sessions per week, she thought she would have a nice shape and slim body. She shared, ‘I think I can eat whatever I like since the shows often consume much of my energy’. However, the fact was that sweet munchies and free foods from restaurants made her gain 19 pounds within 18 months.

Description: I feel sexy again

When hearing Peepshow’s producer wondered why Holly considerably got choppier after joining the show, she was hurt. But when seeing close-up photos of paparazzi on the magazine’s surface, Holly recognized that she had to change. She says, ‘I do not want to wear bikini and depend on photography technique to look slimmer.’

Since hurrying to lose weight quickly, Holly uses NV product – a supplementing product that helps lose weight. ‘NV helps me reduce a jeans size within just 2 weeks and helps me get more energy,’ says she. To burn more calories and increase her agileness, Holly also does Pilates and Yoga. Besides, she carries out eating less carbon by replacing bread with protein and fruit, or replaces fast food with grilled chiken and avocado.

Better result than expected, Holly’s career grows and she reappears with balanced body in Playboy magazine. Holly shares that she is very confident in her current skin. ‘I become slimmer and more balanced. I still have my lovely charming curve.’

Here are her secrets

Description: Exercise with movements good for heart

Exercise with movements good for heart in 39 minutes per time, 3 times per week, and strength movements in 15 minutes per time, 2 times per week.

1.    Enjoy natural sweets

Fruit makes me me full quickly, and helps me restrain other fat foods. Sometimes, I use fruit pudding for dessert.

2.    Reward myself

After stressful show, I often sit to relax and enjoy a delicious meal with friends. This makes me excited when expecting something special.

3.    Take medicines supporting weight loss

I often use NV to lose weight quickly and I always take it to keep fit.

4.  Dislodge being exhausted at mid day

For lunch, I often avoid eating foods containing many carbs since they usually make me obsessed with eating.

5.    Enjoy positive signals

When I lose weight quicky thanks to NV, I receive much praise. This makes me feel I am doing something right and interesting.

6.    Find someone to follow

I enjoy and always follow standards of Katy Perry because she is always slim, feminine, and have many suggestive curves.

Article 4: Defying the Odds

Description: practicing walking

Melissa Bricker is a reader overcoming limit of physical health to put effort in getting an ideal body.

Being a member in a family including 9 brothers and sisters, Melissa took part in plenty of sport activities during her growth. However, having leg disability is a very big barrier for her during her practice. She shares, ‘I used to be very jealous wih my brothers and sisters, especially when I needed a stick or a crutch to walk.’ At the age of 22, Melissa followed her doctor’s advice and cut one of her leg so as to save herself body from caseation. The happy thing was that she was let use alternative parts, which made her more active.

During the time of practicing walking, Melissa gave herself small targets: the first one was 10 steps, and the second one was 15 steps. Within 1 year, she has been able to walk for 1 mile without having to stop for for taking rest. In addition to practicing walking in long steps, Melissa also practices swimming as a way to reliev stress so as to exercise for health and get endurance. ‘When being in the water, I can exercise freely, which makes me feel I am strong and able to do everything,’ says she. This kind of sport brings her confidence to challenge herself with a new one: bicycle racing. She shares, ‘riding bicycle helps me feel as if I were a real athlete.’

Here are her secrets

1.    Define your strengths

I cannot run, so I choose swimming to enjoy my passion. Depending on your strengths, you can develop in respective sports.

2.    Find encouragement for you

My family is my encouragement during my practice. Find someone that can promote your motivation to practice and encourage you when you get some achievement.

3.    Be yourself

When practicing, my only rival is myself. Once devoting with wholeheartedness, I am not concerned about what other people think.

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