‘We Love Our New Bikini Bodies!’ (Part 2)

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‘I’m 2 sizes slimmer’

Busy community nurse, Karen Gower, 27, was desperate for an easy-to-follow plan that would transform her body eating up too much time.

‘I felt so self-conscious at the start of this challenge and dreaded the thought of getting into a bikini on my trip to Ibiza with the girls this summer. I’m amazed by how much my confidence – not to mention my body – has transformed in just eight weeks. My friends can’t believe it either, especially those who haven’t seen me for a while – they’re all texting asking what my secret is! I know how hard I’ve worked, so it’s great that people are noticing the results, and the compliments have done wonders for my confidence.

‘My whole attitude towards exercises has completely changed over the last few weeks. I was prepared to try anything on this challenge to change my body, as long as I could fit it in around my busy job, but the one thing I absolutely dreaded was running. Now I love it! I’ve gone from the person who slowly trudges along, hating every single minute, into the girl who laps the local park, iPod on, come rain or shine. I enjoy it so much, I’ve even signed up for a week 10K races. On my last session with my trainer, Jane, I ran the 4 km route I’d puffed and panted my way through on my very first session with absolute ease. I’m not sure which of us was more delighted – though I felt a bit sad it was the last time we’d go running together.

‘I’ve learned to eat healthily on the go and portion control my food, too – measuring everything in imaginary palmfuls makes it easy even when I’m eating out. As a result, I’ve ditched over 10 inches all over and lost over a stone. My initial aim was to drop a dress size – I can’t believe I’ve dropped two!

‘It feels fantastic, especially because the changes I’ve made are realistic habits that I can really stick to long-term. I’m thrilled with the results; I feel fit, slim, confident everything I’d hoped for. Ibiza, here I come!’

How Karen measures up

Height: 5FT 7IN


Weight: 12st 12lb

Waist: 36in

Thigh: 24in

Description: 4350

Karen Gower (Before)


Weight: 11st 8lb

Waist: 32in

Thigh: 23in

Karen Gower (After)

How she did it

§  Running two or three times a week.

§  Circuits of strength moves three times a week and a Pilates class once a week.

§  A balanced, portion-controlled diet.

How she’ll kept it off

Zest fitness expert Jane Wake (janewake.co.uk) says, ‘Karen’s transformation in just two months is absolutely incredible. She’s gone from a shy, running phobe into a confident, slim fitness fanatic. I’m delighted she’s found some workouts she loves, including running, spinning and Pilates. She now has the determination to make them long-term habits because she’s seen the effect they have not just on her body but her confidence, too. She’s even lost another 8lb since the challenge ended, taking her weight down to 11st, just by sticking to her new habits. It hasn’t always been easy, but Karen’s worked so hard over the last eight weeks, she deserves the rewards. To stop herself from slipping back into her old ways diet-wise, she should keep fruit and nuts in her handbag and car. They’ll help keep her crisp habit at bay, and maintain her gorgeous new figure.’

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