10 Reasons To Begin A New Day With Lemon Juice

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With the effect of preventing oxidization and bringing good health, a cup of water every day will help your body and mind have a new vitality.

According to Body and soul, 10 following reasons make us begin the new day with a cup of lemon:

1.        Intensifying immune system

Lemon juice contains a lot of vitamin C. This is the kind of vitamin that can intensify immune system, prevent cold and flu. According to Michele Chevalley Hedge nutritionist, lemon also helps intensify ability about absorbing Fe of the body. This is a necessary nutrient for a healthy immune system. Chevalley showed “vitamin C can intensify the ability about accumulating non-HeNe substance – a kind of Fe having vegetable origin with 4 times”.

Lemon juice contains vitamin C that can intensify immune system, prevent cold and flu.

Lemon juice contains vitamin C that can intensify immune system, prevent cold and flu.

2.        Helping digestive system

Because lemon has atomic structure that is similar to digestive juice, it has positive effect on digestive system of the body. It helps wash bowel by eliminating dregs and stimulate production of gastric juice and substance that help intensify digestive system. This feature of lemon juice also helps reduce symptoms such as indigestion, heartburn.

3.        Reproducing skin

According to Chevalley, lemon is a food that is useful for preventing aging of skin. Oxidized feature is showed in eliminating free radicals and free radicals are source that causes signs of aging. Chevalley showed "We know that lemon contains a lot of vitamin C that can help synthesize collagen. It also helps reduce wrinkle. Vitamin C is necessary for synthesizing amino acid into collagen and the duty of collagen is to associate tissues together and keep skin strong”.

Lemon is a food that is useful for preventing aging of skin.

Lemon is a food that is useful for preventing aging of skin.

4.        Reducing craving for food

Lemon also contains pectin, a substance that can dissolve. It is often found in citrus. This substance can create full feeling, so it can prevent the feeling of craving for food. And when you feel full in a long time, you don’t have to use snacks a lot or choose foods that aren’t good for health to satisfy hungry feeling.

5.        Balancing pH

Lemon is one of the foods that are rich in alkali and very good for body with a suitable level of pH because if there are too many acids in body, it will lead to inflammation. According to Chevalley, “Lemon juice has alkali feature while most of us have body that contains a lot of acids. However, food researchers confuse that lemon has acid feature. In reality, it has alkali feature”.

6.        Making excretory system clean

Lemon juice is a diuretic substance. It helps body intensify excreting urine. Therefore, toxins in body will be eliminated faster. It will help body purify and become healthy. Lemon juice also makes pH of excretory system change. As a result, it will prevent increasing of harmful bacteria.

7.        Making breath clean

Pasteurized feature of lemon juice helps destroy harmful bacteria in mouth. A glass of lemon juice is also a method that can help you alert and it is more useful than using coffee.

A glass of lemon juice is also a method that can help you alert.

A glass of lemon juice is also a method that can help you alert.

At present, there aren’t any experimental evidences about optimal temperature of lemon juice. According to Chevalley Hedge, you should use lemon juice in room temperature. “Most health experts agree that room temperature is the temperature that is near to body’s temperature and it causes reaction with digestive system less”.

Chevalley considered that a big amount of lemon juice can harm enamel. However, if you worry about this problem, you should gargle with clean water after using a cup of lemon juice.

8.        Protecting health in general

The high concentration of potassium in lemon can help brain and nerve operate well. In addition, it also helps control blood pressure. Lemon juice also helps reduce tiredness and stress. Lacking potassium will cause these states. Moreover, lemon also contains vitamin P that can improve endosmose of capillary and the flow of blood in the body.

9.        Helping trauma heal quickly

Ascorbic acid or vitamin C can make traumas on the body heal quickly. In addition, they are also important nutrients to maintain healthiness of bone, tissues and cartilage. In addition, it also reduces inflammation in body.

According to Chevalley, vitamin C moves in the body and makes free radicals neutralize. These free radicals can interact with healthy cells in the body, destroy cell membrane and cause inflamed state.

10.     Detoxifying liver

Lemon also plays role as a substance to detoxify liver. It can purify liver and intensify activities of liver through increasing process of producing gall acid, one kind of acid that is necessary for digestive system. Lemon juice also helps control the redundant amount of gall, reduce the amount of sputum produced in body and helps dissolve gallstone.


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