We can take roll call of things that make pregnant women anxious, especially women are pregnant in the first time.

In pregnancy, pregnant women often worry with any small change on their body and sometimes, they often worry excessively.

1.     Fear of going by plane

In pregnancy, all of the pregnant women are advised not to go by plane because it can have bad effects to fetus. Therefore, in 9 months of pregnancy, many pregnant women are afraid of going far away and going by plane because they think about safeness of fetus.

In reality, in the second quarter of pregnancy, this is the safe period for pregnant women to travel by plane (except for the case that doctors prevent you to travel by plane).

In the second quarter of pregnancy, this is the safe period for pregnant women to travel by plane.

In the second quarter of pregnancy, this is the safe period for pregnant women to travel by plane.

Pregnant women should pay attention that they should move their legs when they sit on plane to prevent the phenomenon of blocked blood.

2.     Fear of the fact that computer can be harmful to fetus

Nowadays, many pregnant women have to contact with computer regularly because of request about work. Therefore, in pregnancy, many pregnant women worry that using computer can affect babies badly.

Pregnant women shouldn’t use computer too much.

Pregnant women shouldn’t use computer too much.

In reality, there isn’t any research proving that using computer can prevent development of fetus. However, this thing doesn’t mean that pregnant women can use computer too much in pregnancy.

In pregnancy, exercising is always useful for health of mothers and babies more than sitting at one place next to computer. You should stand up and move 10-15 minutes after each hour of sitting in front of computer.

3.     Fear of the fact that suddenly babies kick more/less than other days

Accidentally, in some recent days, babies have unusual movement, it can be more or less. This is the thing that makes pregnant women fear because you consider that babies have such reactions because they have problem.

In reality, babies’ frequency of kicking is different among days, some days more, some days less. Therefore, if the fetus kicks slower or quicker a little, you shouldn’t worry too much.

4.     Fear of giving birth on the way to hospital

Women that give birth in the first time often have this worry. This worry increases when sometimes they read newspaper and know that some pregnant woman gave birth in taxi on the way to the hospital, so this thing can make pregnant women worry.

Normally, it takes about 12-21 hours when childbirth pain appears until you give birth. Therefore, pregnant women completely have enough time to go to the nearest hospital although your house is in the beginning part of city and hospital is at the end of the city. You can go to the hospital before you give birth.

5.     Fear of pain in the process of beginning labor

When the day of giving birth nearly takes place, many pregnant women are obsessed by pain in process of beginning labor. You will fear more when other women that used to give birth tell that nothing is as fearful as pain in giving birth.

Women that don’t give birth always have psychology of fearing pain in beginning labor. Experts suggest that you should consider giving birth is a happy hardship instead of worrying a lot. Mothers should attend antenatal class, you will reduce fear about childbirth pain.

In case that you have to a caesarean or you are so thrilled that you breathe with incorrect way, painful feeling in giving birth is fugitive. Moreover, with support of modern medical devices, nowadays, mothers are created advantageous conditions in process of giving birth.

6.     Fear of being ashamed in delivery room

Screaming and vituperating husband and straining excrement and enclosed area that is seen by all of the people. Pregnant women often worry and fear when they are going to give birth.

Pregnant women often worry and fear when they are going to give birth.

Pregnant women often worry and fear when they are going to give birth.

However, you should feel secure, all of those expressions are normal and they are very usual in delivery room. Doctors and nurses won’t take notice and they won’t evaluate you through those things. Delivering safely is their main purpose, not commenting on pregnant women. Therefore, pregnant women should let their body loose and keep their mind comfortable, concentrate to have a successful labor.

7.     Fear of having a caesarean urgently

Doctors define that many pregnant women will give birth normally; however, there are some problems that take place, so they have a caesarean urgently. This thing makes pregnant women feel fearful because they have to spend process of childbirth pain and suffer from pain of incision.

In reality, caesarean will be diagnosed by doctors before with some reasons such as babies don’t turn their head, presentation isn’t standard, there is problem with placenta or pregnant women used to have a caesarean.

It’s not popular to cases that must have a caesarean urgently. If your day of giving birth is going to take place, you should go check continuously or you should be hospitalized early to be followed carefully.

8.    Fear of the fact that their perineum will be ripped and sewn

Nowadays, most of the pregnant women’s perineum is ripped. This thing makes pregnant women that decide to give birth normally feel worried because of fearful feeling when their position is ripped.

However, according to experience of mothers that used to give birth, ripping perineum isn’t as painful as childbirth pain. If you spend pain of beginning labor, ripping premium is painful as an ant bites.

You shouldn’t worry because nurses use desensitizer when they sew your premium. Therefore, you should be brave to overcome happy challenges to welcome your lovely children!

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