The second quarter of pregnancy is the most comfortable time for all pregnant women.

In this time, baby will be stable in your belly, so women are often subjective and they don’t pay attention to womb a lot. However, you shouldn’t be vacant to some things in this period!

1.     Do exercise smoothly

Yoga will help pregnant women reduce stress and pain of muscles.

Yoga will help pregnant women reduce stress and pain of muscles.

Exercises that are prepared for the process of giving birth are really necessary and you need to do from these months. Pregnant women are encouraged to practice sports such as: yoga, walking and swimming. Yoga will help pregnant women reduce stress and pain of muscles. You should attend the classes of yoga for pregnant women to meet other pregnant women and share the experience about pregnancy.

2.     Check fetus periodically

Checking fetus periodically with doctor’s schedule is very important.

Checking fetus periodically with doctor’s schedule is very important.

Checking fetus periodically with doctor’s schedule is very important. It will ensure the best development of pregnancy. The schedule of checking fetus in this period is:

·         You should check fetus every month to check weight, blood pressure, sign of edema in foot, the development of fetus through measuring the height of uterus and listening to fetus heart.

·         Test urine to detect pre- eclampsia  and urinating inflammation

·         Have a scan to check morphology of fetus when it is 18-24 weeks.

·         When fetus is 24 to 28 weeks, you need to test about admitting sugar (diabetes testing)

3.     Buy pregnant things

All pregnant women have this demand, right? From the fourth month of pregnancy, womb begins to be bigger. From the 5th, 6th month, womb will be clearer. In this period, you need to buy clothes that are used for pregnant women. To be the most comfortable in summer, pregnant women should chose maxi skirt that is cool. If you are pregnant women that have personality, you can choose the style of short legging trousers and wide T-shirt.

However, pregnant women need to pay attention that they shouldn’t buy too many pregnant clothes in this period because in the last 3 months, the womb will become bigger a lot.

4.     Take care of skin

In this time, womb will become bigger and women should pay attention to taking care of skin to avoid cracking. In reality, about 20% of pregnant women aren’t cracked. However, if you prevent in advance, you can reduce the risk of being cracked. The skin areas that are easily to be cracked are belly, breast, rump and thigh. To reduce the risk of being cracked, women need to pay attention that they shouldn’t let their body gain weight quickly. They need to eat the foods that contain a lot of fiber, drink a lot of water and use the products that make pregnant women’s skin moist safely.

5.     Make plan about finance

When your family has a new member, it means that you will spend more money. Therefore, to avoid spending money too much, women need to make plan about finance before giving birth. You need to list the expenses in family, expenses about buying things and giving birth. You need to refer to the ideas of the women that used to give birth to prepare enough finance.

6.     Travel

This is the most comfortable and safest time for pregnant women to travel. At this time, you don’t have to worry about the risk of miscarriage a lot and their womb isn’t too heavy. You should make plan for a short travelling and you shouldn’t travel too far. Before travelling, pregnant women should prepare the smooth baggage. Pregnant women should prepare cool clothes, slipper and the necessary foods to avoid the case that pregnant women aren’t familiar with the foods in the place where they come.

7.     Prepare things for babies

Although it is rather early, you should gradually prepare the necessary things to welcome babies from the 6th month of pregnancy. The things that you must spend a lot of money such as cage, stroller, cradle and bed need to be bought as soon as possible. In the period that you are going to give birth, you must buy many other things. From these months, you should make plan with details about the things that you need to buy for your children.

8.     Check teeth periodically

Many scientific evidences proved that diseases about teeth and mouth can lead to miscarriage or premature birth. Therefore, pregnant women shouldn’t forget to check fetus periodically with the direction of dentist to prevent the bad risks that can take place.

9.     Choose sleeping posture

From the 21st week of pregnancy, pregnant women should pay attention to their sleeping posture to keep babies safe. Obstetricians also advise pregnant women not to lie on their back because it will cause pressure on fetus and as a result, it won’t be good for baby’s development.

10.  Foster body

Pregnant women need to have scientific diet.

Pregnant women need to have scientific diet.

In the second period of pregnancy, women need to provide 300 calories every day. You need to have scientific diet with enough nutrients and eat a lot of green vegetables. Pregnant shouldn’t forget to drink water to avoid the risk of lacking water and catching constipation, hemorrhoids.

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