For those who are pregnant for the first time, worry is unavoidable.

You should get rid of worry that is unnecessary.

1.     I will miscarry.

That worry usually happens to the one who’ve never got pregnant before. In some early weeks of pregnancy, many women not knowing that they’re pregnant, so they use stimulants or drugs.

When the embryo is in its 6th-8th week, the risk of miscarriage is about 5% because the obstetrician can hear the embryo’s heart-beat, which helps us define be early health state of the embryo.

It’d be a relief if you have been pregnant before, because this time, the risk is under 3%.

The reason that leads to miscarriage is the appearance of some abnormal chromosomes making the fetus to be impossible to develop normally; miscarriage is inevitable.

You can reduce that risk by not using any stimulants like cigarettes, alcohol, drinks that contains caffeine. The pregnant should also have regular checkup and be ready for the upcoming pregnancy.

The miscarriage risk is reduced when the embryo is getting bigger.

The miscarriage risk is reduced when the embryo is getting bigger.

2.     I have serious morning sickness that makes me throw up a lot and can’t eat anything. I’m afraid that I‘ll have a malnutrition issue.

The pregnant usually have morning sickness in the early stage of the pregnancy. At that time, women’s body has some hormone changes. You can feel nauseous and are scared of the smell of foods, which leads to the fact that you find it hard to eat or even can’t eat anything. Some pregnant women are afraid that they can’t provide enough foods for babies.

Practically, in the first period, the baby is just a fetus, it will absorb the nutrients that have already been stored in the mother’s body; the amount of essential calories for the fetus is still very small. The pregnant should eat small meals instead of letting stomach empty. It helps improve the digestive process.

If pregnant women find the situation too serious, be free to see specialists. Specialists can give you prescription medicine that helps you release from the nausea but still be safe to babies.

After 3 first months, the morning sickness will be reduce and then gone; you’ll feel more stable. From the 16th week, babies will develop and gain weight quickly. At the time, mothers should have a sensible regimen to ensure the safety of the fetus.

3.     I accidentally ate some foods bad for the fetus. My baby will be influenced.

The young pregnant are dealing with too much pressure, the wrong and right in order to be perfect pregnant women.

Many women just know some simple rules like eating properly or taking vitamin before getting pregnant. They are really worried whether the selling products are safe or not.

Be careful to choose foods during pregnancy.

Be careful to choose foods during pregnancy.

If you take part in pre-natal classes, you can talk to your doctor about your worry. Besides, you’ll be educated and receive useful advice about chosing foods, and ways to process foods for the pregnant. 

4.     Does stress affect babies?

If you have a hard working day, it may cause stress to your mental system, but everything will be fine.

There is nothing that you should be worried about if you ate bread with unpasteurized cheese when you were in the second month of pregnancy. The small amount of unsafe foods that you ate can’t harm babies. But, next time, you should be more careful. 

The comfortable state of mind is really good for the pregnant and the fetus.

The comfortable state of mind is really good for the pregnant and the fetus.

However, if you let the stress go on for a long time, it will create some minimal impacts on the fetus. In addition, if the psychological trauma like losing job, family’s member makes the pregnant over-stress, the risk of miscarriage is increased.

Specialists emphasize the way to cope with that situation: The pregnant need to calm down and receive the support from family and medical care.

5.     I’m always afraid that my child will have birth defects.

Some of you feel nervous every time seeing the doctor and waiting for the respond about the fetus’s health state. That issue just keeps on going week by week till the baby is born.

The risk of birth defects is 4% and it incline toward the Down syndrome or defects of heart and limb.

The mothers-to-be need to take some tests during the pregnancy to ensure that babies still develop normally.

The mothers-to-be need to take some tests during the pregnancy.

The mothers-to-be need to take some tests during the pregnancy.

Prevention is better than cure. That idea is always right. Before and after pregnancy, you should provide yourself with folic acid and multivitamins to reduce the risk of having brain and spinal cord defects.

One thing that should be taken notice of is that the pregnant also need to tell doctors about the genetic history of their family if something abnormal arises.

6.     I’m afraid that I will have a premature delivery.

Nowadays, the risk of premature deliveries has decreased (under 13%), There’re 70% of babies who were born in the 34th-36th weeks. That period of time is quite safe for babies to avoid serious complications.

Folic acid can prevent genetic errors that lead to premature delivery..

Folic acid can prevent genetic errors that lead to premature delivery.

Nevertheless, pregnant woman can avoid having any risk by:

·         Don’t use stimulants like alcohol, beers, coffee and don’t smoke.

·         Have regular check-up

·         Every day, provide yourself with folic acid before and after pregnancy. A lately research carrying out in 40,000 woman shows that women who use vitamin repeatedly for a year before getting pregnant is 50%-70% able to avoid premature delivery than others.

Researchers believe that folic acid can prevent some genertic errors that lead to premature delivery.


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