After labor, though the bump has disappeared and the weight is quite gone too, you surely can get back in shape right then.

The number of women who can’t take off weight after childbirth is 14-20%. However, there are some methods that help improve the situation:

·         Control the weight during pregnancy. Pregnant women need a sensible regimen that meets the needs of the fetus. After labor, mothers still have to remain 2,000 calories/day to ensure the recovery and milk source for babies.

·         Breastfeeding helps burn calories.

·         Exercise before and after giving bith

·         Doing housework regularly is an efficient way to thin down too.

·         Get enough sleep.

8.     I’m afraid that I will have pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes.

The risk of having high blood pressure that leads to pre-eclampsia is 5-8%. This phenomenon usual happens to women who are under 18 or over 35 have history in having high blood pressure.

If you’re afraid of getting this kind of disease, you should talk to your doctor to be closely motnired at the beginning. Some early symptoms are limb and face oedema, blurred vision, and serious headache.

You should have regular pressure check during pregnancy.

You should have regular pressure check during pregnancy.

One of gestational diabetes symptoms is not having the ability to transfer the glose that is stored in blood. This kind just has a small opportunity.

Pregnant woman should have a healthy diet. If you don’t have diabete history, you still have to take the glucose test in the week of 24 and 28 of pregnancy in order to be timely detected unsual sign.

9.     The sex life will be worse after giving birth.

Most women are still weak after labor. It takes 2-3 months for their vagina to revover if a pregnant woman has to stitch the perinea or incision up.

Additionally, this is the time that the responsibility of looking after the infant reduces the sex appetite. Some married couples admitted that they’d rather sleep than have sex in that period of time.

The sex life will get back to normal in the 4th or 6th week after childbirth.

The sex life will get back to normal in the 4th or 6th week after childbirth.

In some first times having sex after labor, many women find it difficult to do the thing because the viginal discharge is not enough, so they have to ask for the lubricant help. But everything is going to be okay.

70% of woman revealed that sex life back to normal in the 6th month after giving birth. Moreover, they and their husband are more satisfied with sex than before.

10.  I heard that the delivery will be very painful. How can I over it?

You have happily gone shopping, chosen a nice and meaningful name your baby. At that time, you wished your baby is soon born so that you can play with it.

But as the day is coming closer, you’re getting worried and questioning yourself: “Does the labor last long?” “Is it hurt?” You can’t image what will happen in the delivery room.

First, you have to calm down. The pregnancy and labor are natural and we can do them all.

If you do worry about it, you should pour out your feelings to your doctor.

The practical advice from the trustful friend can help you overcome difficulties. Keep waiting for the magical moment when you look at your little angle.

11.  I will be so nervous in the labor ward that I don’t know what to do.

Many women have heard the stories that the pregnant yelling, scolding her husband, doctor or deliver poops… during the labor.

Some women are afraid of showing their vaginals to doctors and nurses.

Being angry or in pain while giving birth is very normal. Doctors won’t judge you for that. And you don’t have to be nervous about showing you body because their only concern is a safe delivery, not your outlook.

Release your body and soul, and try to focus on the labor.

12.  I’m afraid that I have to have an urgent Ceasarean.

There’re one third of children who were born by Ceasanrean. There’re plenty of Ceasanrean births that were decided before the labor by reasons: the baby hasn’t turned its head, the presentation isn’t right, the placenta has problem or the pregnant had had a ceasanrean before.

13.  How can I make it in time when having birth bangs?

Sometimes you can see the news in newspaper that somewhere, there was a pregnant women giving birth in a taxi and the taxi driver became an obstetrician.

The truth is, from the moment you having the first bang, it takes you 12 hours and a half to 21 hours and a half to be in labour. You definitely have enough time to go the nearest hospital.

To be more careful, your family can check the travel time from your house to the hospital to have the sensible reparation.

14.  I’m afraid that I won’t be a good mom.


Every woman always carries along the maternal instinct.

Every woman always carries along the maternal instinct.

Nothing is perfect. Time and effort and the supportive of you family will help you confide in yourself being a mom.

The more important thing is when you’re afraid of being a mom or nerveous about it, you will know how to do it well.

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