"How to enjoy spa therapy safely in pregnancy"

Description: How to enjoy spa therapy safely in pregnancy?

How to enjoy spa therapy safely in pregnancy?

Lauren Ballem kept her spa habits during pregnancy with the back and toe massage to reduce the pain. However, recently, Ballem has been forced to abandon her favorite spa therapy until her baby is born. She said “I cannot go sauna, tea steam bath anymore... I really remember them.”

Jacuzzis therapy and hot mud cover, or any therapy that directly affect your body temperature is taboo during pregnancy. The researches demonstrated that steaming for 10 minutes during the first 4-6 weeks of pregnancy could cause high risk of miscarriage. Other therapies that put the body at high temperatures also have similar risks, “When your skin is heated, the blood vessels will dilate and push the blood away the placenta, making you easy to premature” – according to Joanna Greenhalgh, a midwife with many years of experience shared. However, doing exercise is considered safe because they do not increase the body temperature, while the steam method just needs 10 minutes to make your body hotter than 102 degrees F.

Massage is considered a great way to relieve pain during pregnancy, however, you need to tell the spa staff what pregnancy period you are in, so they will help you to have appropriate exercises. Supine posture is perfect for massage, as long as you feel comfortable. If you lie at posture that your abdomen is down and your pregnant is more than 5 month, it can reduce blood pressure and bring faint feeling. Most spa staff will insert a pillow and let you tilt to immobilize the body.

During pregnancy, you feel the skin becomes more sensitive, so you should give up strong rub therapies, skin bleaching with chemicals causing skin irritation, instead, let use lotion for sensitive skin. You will also realize waxing is a torment; typically, Ballem only did waxing once during pregnancy because she could not stand the pain when her skin became too sensitive

For chemicals and moisturizing milks in spa, you’d better ask experts to try a little before using, if after 10 minutes, chemicals do not cause skin irritation, you can use them safely, absolutely avoid the chemicals contain toluene, formaldehyde and DBP.

In summary, when taking spa in pregnancy, you need to check every chemicals and treatments to know doctors allow or not. If everything is safe, you can relax and enjoy the comfort of spa as before pregnancy.

Description: When taking spa in pregnancy, you need to check every chemicals and treatments.

When taking spa in pregnancy, you need to check every chemicals and treatments.

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