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Juicing is perfect if you struggle to get your five-a-say, as a boost when you’re going through a period of stress or feeling under the weather. ‘If you want to juice for the taste and nutritional benefits, make a glass whenever you fancy one,’ says Hamilton. ‘Alternatively, save it for when you’re ill going through a stressful time at work or for day after a big night out.’ With guidance, juicing can be good for cleansing and weight-loss, too.

Hollywood stars swear by juice fasts to get glowing skin and lose pounds. Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Aniston are both fans of NYC’s Blue Print Cleanse (blueprintcleanse.com), a five- to 21-day, juice-only cleanse of six juice a day containing nutritious ingredients such as cashew nut milk, greens, apples and antioxidant blends. And in the UK, too, a growing number of juice-cleanse delivery companies such as purifyne.com, radiancecleanse.com and raw-and-juicy.com make juices and deliver them fresh to you each day, which is great if you want to try a detox without buying all the equipment.

‘If you’re really feeling sluggish, our three-day green juice cleanse will have you well on your way back to radiant health,’ says Neill.

Description: Gwyneth Paltrow (right) and Miranda Kerr get vital energy from their green juices

Gwyneth Paltrow (right) and Miranda Kerr get vital energy from their green juices

One way to steep yourself in the benefits of juicing is to go on a juice retreat, where you’ll follow a carefully tailored juice fast amid pampering surrounds. At Obsidian retreat in Spain (healthretreatspain.com), Andrew West helps guests lose several pounds in a week using carefully balanced juices into your body, you give your liver, kidney, pancreas and other organs a chance to rest and enjoy a cleanse,’ says West. ‘Your eyes, skin and mind will all feel clearer within days, and you’ll start to feel and respond to your body’s nutritional demands. Our programme is successful because it ensures you’re getting all the nutrition, vitamins and enzymes without the excess calories.’

Go for green juices

Can’t wait to discover the benefits of green juice? We’ve asked the experts to reveal their favorite – and healthiest – recipes to get you started

Radiance Cleanse Green Machine Juice

Kale provides vitamins A, C, and K. there’s also skin-friendly cucumber, immune-boosting parsley and alkalizing lemon.

Serves 2


·         1 cucumber

·         2 apples (Cox or Braeburn)

·         1 lemon

·         2 handfuls of kale

·         1 small handful of flat leaf parsley

·         Greens powder, such as Pure XP Elite or Organic Burst Wheatgrass (optional)


Chop ingredients and feed through the juicer. Add the greens powder at the end.

The Obsidian Retreat Juice

This breakfast juice is one of the nutritious juice meals on Obsidian Retreat’s three-day juice cleanse retreat.

Description: The Obsidian Retreat Juice

The Obsidian Retreat Juice

Serves 1


·         ½ avocado

·         2 apples

·         ½ cucumber

·         1 handful of spinach

·         ½ un-waxed lemon (with the rind left on)


Juice the apples, cucumber, spinach and lemon. Add to the peeled, de-stoned avocado and pulp in a blender.

Juice Master’s Green Super Smoothie

From the Funky Fresh Juice Book, by Jason Bale (Juice Master, $39)

Serves 1


·         2 Golden Delicious apples

·         1 handful each of spinach and kale

·         ½ un-waxed lime

·         1 stick celery

·         ½ cucumber

·         5cm broccoli

·         ½ avocado

·         1 tsp. spirulina

·         1fl oz. frozen wheatgrass juice


Juice the fruit and vegetables. Blend with the avocado, Spirulina, wheatgrass and ice.

The Sanderson Hotel’s Superfood Smoothie

With omega-3-rich hemp seeds and tropical coconut flavors

Serves 1


·         200mk coconut milk

·         50g fig puree

·         15g hemp seed

·         15g coconut oil

·         10g powdered greens

·         6 ice cubes


Blend them together.

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