Go isotonic

Rehydrate naturally with this tangy après-sports juice

Pomegranate & coconut water

When you want to rehydrate after working out, water is fine for modest exercise. But if you’re training for more than an hour, an isotonic drink can be more effective, replacing fluids and minerals lost via sweating.

Description: Rehydrate naturally with this tangy après-sports juice

Rehydrate naturally with this tangy après-sports juice

Most shop-bought isotonic drinks are packed with sugar or artificial sweeteners, so I’ve created a healthier version using hydrating coconut water as a base. Coconut water is rich in the electrolyte potassium which, along with added sodium, will help your body absorb the liquid more quickly than water.

Juicing pomegranates is quite messy so, for a quicker option, use the pre-packed variety, but look for ‘pomegranate juice’ rather than ‘juice drink’ which is diluted from concentrate.


300ml coconut water

100ml pomegranate juice

Juice of half a lime

A small pinch of salt


Mix everything together, making sure that the salt is completely dissolved.

Coconut water is a natural isotonic, containing Electrolytes, potassium and sodium and an array of minerals including iron and calcium

Pomegranate juice is a good source of the electrolyte potassium which is lost in sweat. It’s also a good source of Folates

Lime juice is packed with vitamin C and potassium; its tart flavor stimulates digestion

Chef’s tip: A little salt helps your body restore the osmolality (electrolyte balance) of the blood, which means more water is absorbed.

Nutria tip: If pomegranate is too tart for your taste buds, substitute it with sweet passion fruit. As well as being the perfect tropical summer treat, it’s packed with dietary fibre. Blend some with ice to dilute to a juicy consistency and add to the recipe above.

Description: Pomegranate & coconut water

Pomegranate & coconut water

3 of best… isotonic sports drinks

Sis Go Electrolyte

Price: $31 per 1.6kg tub

Website: scienceinsport.com

Avoid cramp with this rehydrating drink. Mix the powder with water to drink with exercise. Studies show it doesn’t bloat your tummy and quickly delivers energy to your muscles.

Description: Sis Go Electrolyte

Sis Go Electrolyte

Maxifuel Viper Active Sachet

Price: $31 for 20

Website: maxifuel.com

Get all the electrolyte (magnesium, sodium, calcium and potassium), carbohydrates and amino acids you’ll need during a tough workout. Available in orange or raspberry.

Description: Maxifuel Viper Active Sachet

Maxifuel Viper Active Sachet

Lucozade Sport Body Fuel

Price: $15 for 12

Website: lucozadeshop.com

Handed out at the Virgin London Marathon and other big race events, these fairly concentrated drinks deliver much-needed carbohydrate fuel quickly. The 330ml size is perfect for running.

Description: Lucozade Sport Body Fuel

Lucozade Sport Body Fuel

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