Become a time warrior, whose only weapons are focus and action

A time warrior removes her sword and dismembers procrastination. And this may be the most important thing she’s ever learned about winning the war against procrastination: she can always start small. Start small, and the smaller the better.

Description: Become a time warrior, whose only weapons are focus and action

Become a time warrior, whose only weapons are focus and action

The mind makes all future tasks big and scary. So we procrastination. Even little things, when we imagine doing them in the future, get distorted and take on frightening proportions. Objects in the mirror of the future appear larger than they really are. Because the imagination, when it ventures into the future, always finds the worst case. No wonder we procrastinate! Thinking and imagining the worst case scares us into putting everything off. Worry produces the opposite of action. It produces a chill block of Jell-O where a human heart used to be.

Trembling. Therefore, worry is the ultimate in dysfunction. It’s a misuse of the imagination. It chills the body.

But if you’re a warrior, you want the body to be hot. Or at least warm, warm and friendly until you catch even more enthusiasm for your task [which happens by doing it] and soon you are on fire.

Action is the answer. Action warms the body into fire. The biggest fallacy there is about making good use of one’s time is that you have to feel like doing something before you can do it. That you have to know how to motivate yourself prior to your action. Try this: Have the action happen first. You can work up a sweat with wild action just by doing it. Then a funny thing happens. The motivation shows up.

Description: Action is the answer.

Action is the answer.

But not always big action. Try three minutes. Give your task three minutes of your time. [You can address 40 neglected things in two hours this way.] Small actions.

Any tiny action. The smallest acts are like atoms. They often turn out to be the most important acts of our lives.

So once I identify the big scary imagined task as a distortion produces by my own worried mind, I want to go small, as small as possible. What can I do in the next three minutes? Three minutes then walk. Quit. Bail. Walk away. Barefoot. [If you can, that is. But my experience is that nine times out of ten I get excited by how easy this thing really was all along. It was just masquerading as big and scary seen through the lens of my worst case future.]

And when I say three minutes, that doesn’t mean you can’t take smaller and split it from three to a minute and a half. Just do it. And make sure the action is effortless, too. As they say in Zen, effortless effort. Always the best.

Otherwise we [and I include myself] ruminate, brood, meditate and wander the interracial halls of self-loathing and mental fatigues, making up all sorts of mystical stories that keep us fearful and passive. Dungeons, dragons and always out of action. Now knowing I only have 1 three-minute commitment I just do the thing I was procrastinating about! I just make that a policy!

How do I distinguish between waiting [listening inside for inspiration] and procrastination? If I’m legitimately waiting for timing to be right and inspiration to emerge on a creative project, I have no problem waiting. If I’m procrastinating [there is something to do that I know needs to be done] then I want to identify my next action, just do that one thing – you know what it is – it’s the thing you’re thinking about right now. Don’t think in terms of patterns. None of this: “I always” or “I never” because those globalizing thoughts will never serve you. They will scare you and make you a pessimist. Keep your life creative and simple” what needs to be done now in these three minutes? That’s all you ever need to ask, and you’ll never have anything like procrastination bother you again.

Focus is everything

Push my head under the water and I experience an increase in energy because I am immediately focused on what I want to do. I want to get out of the water. So I know exactly what I want to do. And any time I know exactly what I want to do my energy increases. My energy increases the same way the sun’s power increases when I take the diffuse rays and harness them and focus them through a simple magnifying glass and let the focused ray of sun burn an old dead leaf like a science fiction laser.

Description: When we focus we are joining the energy that created the world

When we focus we are joining the energy that created the world

When we focus we are joining the energy that created the world. We forget that we can always do that. We forget, and then we cling to worries and fears and all the mind stuff that keeps us passive. Soon anger emerges. A vicious circle. But the minute someone calls us out back to play volleyball or take a swim or climb a mountain or ride a bike, something happens. We are breathing deeply once again! We are joining the energy that created the world. Breathe first, then let the mind expand. Don’t wait for it to happen the other way around.

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