The non-linear approach is to simplify each day by organizing it.

Competing commitments?

Don’t manke them. Why would I commit to finishing a work project and taking my kids to the zoo on the same Saturday if the commitments compete? I would not do that. Commitments are things you keep no matter what happens to make them difficult to keep. Commitments are powerful. So be very selective when using them.

Description: Commitments are things you keep no matter what happens to make them difficult to keep

Commitments are things you keep no matter what happens to make them difficult to keep

Just like a flame-thrower is a powerful weapon. It’s not necessary to own one, but it makes an intruder think twice before proceeding further into your home when you show him what it can do. Commitments are like that.

Not very organized?

People who think they are “not very organized” don’t have to re-experience childhood with better parents, find better medications, or take some long time-management course. What they need to do is organize.

Description:  What they need to do is organize?

What they need to do is organize?

That’s the non-linear approach. Just organize. The linear approach is to string the problem out over time. To put yourself though lots of linear paces as you struggle to finally “know how to” organize your desk.

If my professional life is to be simple, I must simplify it myself each day, each week, I must simplify it by organizing it. Putting things in compartments so they don’t haunt me like ghosts. The greatest drain on my energy is an unfinished task. The way to restore my energy is to DO that task or SEAL IT OFF inside a compartment of time on my calendar so my mind can be free of it. A free mind succeeds faster.

Find small tasks boring?

A warrior does all small things with great effectiveness. She does it with inventiveness, humor and love.

Description: Find small tasks boring?

Find small tasks boring?

Shw sings when she does the dishes, and she takes her sweet time when she lovingly writes checks [she really understands how nice it is to have the money to be sending people]. She slows down and enjoys everything instead of having a category called boring.

If I continuouly active that “boring” category in my head it is going to be a long day. The day will be filled up with difficult work and I will feel dreary and distressed.

I’ll drag myself around wondering how I can get it all done.

What’s boring is all up to me. It’s completely in my control. I can do any task any way I want and I can have as much fun with it as I choose.

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