6Steps to boost your body confidence
by Olympic champion Dame
Kelly Holmes

Description: Kelly Holmes

1.   Make every second count

‘Start with what you want, then work out how you’ll get there,’ says Dame Kelly Holmes, who won Olympic gold in the 800m and 1,500m at the 2004 Games. ‘In sport, we’re lucky – there’s always a training target.’ You may not be training for London 2012 but if you’re aiming to shed half a stone, or run your first 5K, you still need a plan. Decide your time frame and work backwards (see box below), giving yourself stepping stones along the way, then put them in your dairy so there’s no excuse for falling behind.



2. Run 2mins, walk 3mins x 4


4. 30 minute walk with Steph


6. Run 2mins, walk 3mins x 4


8. Run 3mins, walk 3mins x 2


10. 30 minute walk with Steph


12. Run 3mins, walk 2mins x 2


14. Run 4mins, walk 2mins x 2


16. 30 minute walk with Steph


18. Run 5mins, walk 2mins x 2


20. Run 6mins, walk 2mins x 2

21.  Run 8mins, walk 2mins x 2


23. 35 minute walk with Steph


25. Run 12mins, walk 2mins x 2


27. Run 15mins, walk 2mins x 2



30. 5K RACE DAY!!

2.   Think around your goal

Losing weight or getting fit isn't as easy as it sounds, otherwise we'd all be super-slim, toned and as fit as fiddles. Work out why you've fallen off the wagon before - or what's likely to scupper your chances this time. Does stress make you comfort eat; have you been forcing yourself to do a form of exercise you don't even like? Whatever your barrier, pinpoint it so it can't undo those good intentions.

3.   Be adaptable

Having a goal and working towards it is fantastic, but you also have to expect the unexpected, 'With the girls I mentor for Aviva's On Camp With Kelly [oncampwithkelly.co.uk] I have to constantly re evaluate their goals as things like injury can make targets unworkable,' Forced to work late, so you can't get to the gym this week? Tweak your plan – do three 30-minute exercise DVDs in your living room instead.

4.   Build yourself a team

'Don't underestimate the importance of friends.' says Kelly. 'Mine helped me through every high and low. True friends aren't jealous of you trying to achieve something - they support you* Enlist your nearest and dearest, whether it's to join you or support from the sidelines. When you go out for dinner and everyone baulks as you order a salad, your 'team' can help field the questions, or when you don't fancy a run, you'll force yourself to go because your 'teammate' is on her way over and you won't want to let her down.

5.   Celebrate the stepping stones

You can never stay motivated 100% of the time. Some people wrote me off when I was injured but they didn't know the work I'd put in, the commitment, the effort, the successes and the failures, so I blocked out the negativity and thought about what I'd achieved,' says Kelly. Your end goal is obviously the 'pop the Champagne moment' but you should log and celebrate success throughout. Keep a diary or a blog of your progress Jot down inch loss, weight loss or time spent exercising, and note how you feel. Then, when you have a bad day, you can look back and see what you've achieved already.

·  Run for 8 minutes.
Walk for 2 minutes.
Repeat twice (with clare)

·  Inch loss – 2 inches from my thighs!!!!

·  How I felt
Really didn’t fancy going out – was still dark when clare rang the doorbell – But once we got out there and warmed up. I felt great! Helped by the facts she told me a hilarious rambling story about her new office crush! Go me!

6.   Keep on keeping on

Depressing stat alert: 90% of dieters regain every pound they’ve lost, so once you reach your goal, don't give up! 'The hardest thing in Athens was winning the 800m, then going back to the heats for the 1.500m.' says Kelly. 'I wanted to celebrate but I had to get back in the zone.' It’s oh-so tempting to buy that pair of size 10 jeans, then throw caution to the wind and undo all your hard work. Don't! Set a new goal - even if ifs simply maintaining what you've achieved.

n Kelly’s new range of fitness equipment and clothing is available in stores and online at tesco.com/KellyHomes

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